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7 Ways to End a Fight ...

By Heather

How to End a Fight in a relationship can be one of the hardest things to learn. I know, when I’m in a fight with the Better Half – I totally don’t want it to end until I’ve been told I’m right. It’s stupid, I know, but I’ve learned, over the six years of my relationship, how to end a fight easily. There are hot buttons to hit when you’re learning how to end a fight in a relationship and below, ladies, I got those hot buttons for you. So ladies, take a look below on the top 7 ways on how to end a fight!

1 Diffuse a Heated Moment

If you’ve been in a relationship long, you know your partner’s hot buttons. You know when they are getting frustrated and when they are getting angry. If you see them heading toward anger and in turn, a fight, diffuse the moment. Take a few moments to yourself, apologize if you were the one pressing said hot buttons. Yes ladies, you may have to admit that you were wrong, it’s hard, but it’s a great way to diffuse the fight before it even starts. This is definitely one of the top how to end a fight easily tips I use all of the time!

2 Listen

I’m so, so guilty of this. When the Better Half and I are going at it, I don’t listen to anything. I am typically in my own head space and I hate being told anything. I know this about myself; therefore, I’ve worked to change it. Listening to your partner in a fight is very, very important. After all, once you start listening, you’ll see how quickly the fight ends!


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3 Don't Yell

A fight shouldn’t turn into a yelling match. Yelling might feel good in the moment, but after it’s over, you’ve probably yelled things that you regret. If you can keep your yelling to yourself, you’re on the right track on learning how to end a fight quickly!

4 Don't Walk Away

I’m such a walker awayer (is that a word even?). When I get frustrated, instead of thinking of how to end a fight, I am thinking about walking away. Honestly, it’s better to stay, listen to your partner and get it all out in the open instead of letting it simmer. Seriously ladies, let your man talk, fight it out and I promise, it’ll be better than storming off.

5 Apologize

Yes, yes, I know that saying that you're sorry is hard. I know that I have a really hard time with those words. But, if you really want to master and learn all of the tips and tricks of learning how to end a fight, you've got to fess up and say you're sorry.

6 Laugh It off

Sometimes, when you're in a really heated fight, you might be able to just laugh it off. I know for the Better Half and I, we could be in a super wicked fight and then the next second laughing about it. Half of the time, you're going to be in a stupid fight, so why not just laugh about it?

7 Know Boundaries

Whenever you're in a fight, you want to ensure that you know the boundaries that you and your partner have. The first boundary though is no name calling. That should be a standard in all fights. Also, keep the past in the past, it can only cause more trouble.

Ladies, learning how to end a fight isn't easy in the beginning. It took me forever to start incorporating these how to end a fight tips into every fight that the Better Half and I have. It's hard, but totally worth it. So ladies, what how to end a fight tips do you have? How do you end a fight?

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