7 Ways to Find the Root of Your Jealousy in a Relationship ...


7 Ways to Find the Root of Your Jealousy in a Relationship ...
7 Ways to Find the Root of Your Jealousy in a Relationship ...

Jealousy in a relationship is something that can destroy it. I know that I am a very jealous person, but I have to tone it down, otherwise it could break up my relationship over nothing. If you are a jealous person, have you ever thought about your jealousy in a relationship? Have you ever tried to find the root of your jealousy? Are you justified in it? Take a look below at some of the roots of jealousy and what you can do to help calm your jealousy down!

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Understand the Basis

First and foremost, you’ve got to understand the basis of your jealousy in a relationship. Jealousy is a natural emotion that everyone feels at some point, but the strength of jealousy varies. If you are constantly jealous and your partner has never given you a reason to be, take that into consideration. Why are you jealous? Well, it all boils down to feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and even some lack of security in your relationship.


Believe in Yourself

In order to combat your jealousy, you’ve got to believe in yourself. You are worth something, your partner loves you, and they do want you to succeed. Once you start to believe in yourself, it will be leaps and bounds better in your relationship overall and you won’t feel jealous constantly.


Believe in Your Partner

Next, you’ve got to believe in your partner. If you’ve been hurt by them in the past, this is a harder step but often times, the root of your jealousy could be based in the past. Don’t do that! It’ll do nothing but hurt your relationship in the long-term.


Have They Given You a Reason to Not Trust Them?

This is a big one. Has your partner ever given you a reason not to trust them completely? Have they cheated on you? Been dishonest in some other way? Think about this before you immediately jump to being jealous. If they haven’t, why do you constantly feel jealous?


Don’t Second Guess

When you are constantly second guessing not just your partner, but also yourself, you are going to make yourself jealous. Is he really going out with his friends? Is she really just eating with a co-worker? These hypothetical questions can make you crazy! Why put yourself through that?


Think before Acting

Whenever you are jealous, you’ve got to remember to think before you act. Why? Because jealousy is a terrible thing that can cause you to do a lot – including ruin something that could be great. Instead, think about your actions and if it doesn’t look like a good idea, don’t do it!


Understand Jealousy Can Destroy

One note to remember about jealousy is that it can ruin everything! Finding the root of your jealousy is truly something that can make all of the difference. Are you girls and guys ready to figure out why you are jealous and stop it? Let's really kick this habit!

Now that you know some of the common things that can make you jealous and why you might be jealous, let’s stop it. There is no reason, unless you are given one to be jealous. So, have you ever been jealous in a relationship? How did it turn out? Was it bad? Share your experience below!

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What if its reoccurring dreams seeing as though i try to push them aside pretending it wasn't going to happen yet it did. My man with another woman in the dream he was with her at a mall near us. It really crushed me big time. The pain it literally turned to tears and i told him the truth about it told me it would never happen but it did.

I admit I'm a super jealous person & I hate it bc I am constantly thinking of negativity & doubting him & it seriously drives me crazy . Idk how to deal with it

@Leanna, wow I totally get That. so sorry.

I am that person who dwells in my jealousy constantly, but he's given me reason to be that way. I don't know what's worse, drowning in my own hell of it or living with it and not having the strength to walk away

I think jealously can be combated with keeping the end result in mind. A lot of times we may think someone is lying or being unfaithful but even if they were what would you do? If your too afraid to leave your relationship... What's the point of being jealous in the first place?

Now, I could define myself as a jealous person. Most of the time I second guess and think that he is being unfaithful but I know personally that he is not the type of a person who can be unfaithful. So, thank you for making me realize that I have to tone down myself from being such a jealous girl. :)

my man told me that qith his ex he cheated and lied to herto get her to break up with him and he said he plans it all out in his head and I have teust issues because he lied ti me ince said he was going to hangout with his brother n hung out with the girl he said he cheated in his ex with and then he lied to me about who he was talking to he said he was talking to ano a guy friend from long ago when he was really talking to this other girl from anothet state and all he calls me is a jealous insecure bitch... I dont know what to do

I struggle with this constantly, and he has given me reasons to be jealous, it's a daily struggle

Kristen, I'm in the same situation as you are. My GF has given me a reason to be jealous and insecure. How do you deal with it? How do you know it's worth it to continue.

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