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7 Tips on How to Avoid Getting Romantically Involved with the Wrong Person ...

By Corina

Because, as most people say, “love is blind,” it’s quite hard to choose whom you fall in love with and that’s why you should learn a few things about how to avoid getting romantically involved with the wrong person. That way, you won’t get your heart broken. I know you might be tempted to say that sometimes there's just nothing you can do and that one can’t simply avoid falling in love with a certain person who might ultimately make them unhappy. Even though we can’t always control our emotions, we can still control our thoughts and our actions and we can prevent certain mistakes from happening, mistakes we might regret later. Here is what you should know about how to avoid getting romantically involved with someone that is simply not good for you and who could really break your heart.

1 Love Yourself

One of the most important things you can do if you want to learn how to avoid getting romantically involved with the wrong person is, of course, to learn how to always love yourself. Embrace who you are and try to know yourself much better. You are the most important person in your life and your happiness should always come first. Don’t put other people’s needs before your own and accept yourself just the way you are.

2 Don’t Be Afraid of Being Single

Even if you’re not seeing anyone at the moment, you shouldn’t think that you’ll never meet your Prince Charming. You never know, your true love might be just around the corner waiting to meet you. By always feeling alone, you’ll become more vulnerable and you’ll be easy “prey” for the people who are not interested in having a serious relationship. So, take care of yourself and protect your feelings from getting hurt by being patient, by waiting for the right person and by never settling for less.

3 Do Your Homework

I know it may sound a bit paranoid, but there’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. That’s why I recommend you to do your homework and check if the things your new love has told you about himself or herself are in fact true. You could even check criminal records and you can do it very easily on the internet. After all, you never know who you’re going to meet and there are a few people out there who are brilliant con artists. It’s always better to protect yourself from getting hurt than to regret later that you didn’t do anything to prevent it.

4 Don’t Fall for the Sweet Talk

If a person really likes you and really wants to be with you, then you should make them prove it to you. Don’t fall for the sweet talk! It’s always easy to say a lot of things you don’t really mean, but someone who is being honest will do anything in their power to make you believe that what they are saying is true and that their intentions are very serious. Be wise and cautious and don’t believe everything you hear!

5 Take Your Time

Don’t hurry love! Take your time to know each other better and decide if he or she is the one for you after you’ve discovered both their qualities and their flaws. You might not be able to really know your partner in the beginning of your relationship because they will be trying to impress you, so wait a little bit in order to see their true colors.

6 Listen to Your Friends and Family

One of the best ways to avoid getting romantically involved with the wrong person is by always listening to your friends and family. After all, they are the most important people in your life and their opinions should matter to you. Maybe you are blinded by your feelings and you are not able to see your partner as they really are. Remember: your loved ones are only trying to protect you and they want to see you happy, so you should always take their opinion into consideration.

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7 You Deserve the Best

You should never settle for less in your love life because you are afraid you might not meet someone that will truly deserve you. You deserve the best and your happiness should be the most important thing in the world for you. Don’t make bad compromises that might get you hurt later! Pay attention to whom you entrust your love and make sure they truly deserve you. Don’t waste your time on the wrong people and “if something doesn't feel right, odds are it most likely won’t be.”

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide whom you’ll fall in love with but it’s not impossible. If you’re not taking care of your feelings, then no one else will. Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? What did you do in that situation? What could you have done in order to avoid it? Please share your thoughts with us so we can all learn from your experience!

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