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Learning how to prepare for a long distance relationship is never easy. My boyfriend is planning on studying abroad in Italy next semester, which means that I won't be able to see him for about 5 months. Planning ahead for a LDR is going to be hard, but that's why I've come up with my top ways to plan for my LDR relationship. These tips will help you plan ahead and overcome the hardships that come along with a long distance relationship. A LDR relationship is never easy, but it is possible and with these tips, it'll help you and your boyfriend get through it!

1. Admit It’s Happening

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You will never be able to prepare for a long distance relationship if you are in denial. Once you start to accept that you will be apart from each other, it will be so much easier to work through the process of being in a LDR. You can better prepare for what the two of you are going to do.

2. Talk about It

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After you personally accept it, you have to make sure you both can admit it. If you are actively talking about it, it will make it more comfortable for the both of you when it actually comes time for you to be apart. This step in how to prepare for a long distance relationship is critical for success.

3. Set a Plan

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Are you going to stay together? Are you going to take a break? You two need to sit down and figure these things out. This should be the official beginning of learning how to prepare for a long distance relationship. You cannot get into the details of what you are going to do without having an overall plan.

4. Set Some Rules

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Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with him talking to a girl at a bar? Let him know things you would prefer him to avoid when apart. And ask him if he has anything he is uncomfortable with. If you set some rules, you will have more peace of mind when you can’t be with him. This is a great rule to have when you are learning how to plan for a long distance relationship and it's one of the keys to success!

5. Have Something to Keep Each Other Close

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It can be anything sentimental to both of you, like an old t-shirt, a stuffed animal, a scrapbook. Anything he can look at when he is feeling lonely and misses you. Extra points if you spray it with your perfume. One of the hardest parts about being in a LDR is missing the individual touches and smells of one another.

6. Keep in Contact

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Even if you decide to take a break, plan on emailing or Skyping at least a few times when apart. It will make it easier to be apart and will be a constant reminder of how much you two care for one another. You can update each other on your lives so you still feel connected to one another. The phone is also vital when you are in a long distance relationship!

7. Enjoy Yourselves

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It’s not a completely terrible thing to be in a long distance relationship. Take this time to try something new, hang out with the girls, and somewhat enjoy the single life. Enjoy the freedom for the time being.

Being in a LDR is always hard, but that doesn't mean that it can't work. Have faith girls! What other tips do you have when you are learning how to prepare for a long distance relationship?

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