11 Relationship Tips for the Holidays ...


11 Relationship Tips for the Holidays ...
11 Relationship Tips for the Holidays ...

Getting through the holidays when you are in a relationship is never easy – that's why there are relationship tips for the holidays that will ensure you still have a relationship after the holidays. I know that the holidays and all of that family time can cause some strain on a relationship. These relationship tips for the holidays will not only help you survive the holidays with your partner, but they will make sure that you relationship stays strong – even through all of the stress!

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Don't Overbook Yourselves

One of the most important relationship tips for the holidays that we're going to start out with is not to overbook yourselves. Honestly girls, you can't split the holidays and go to two different family homes or do two different Christmas Eves in the same night. That is where the stress can actually start and that is how you can get yourself into a fight. Just schedule down and talk about a plan!


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

So your boyfriend hasn't wrapped the presents or hasn't sent out the Christmas cards yet – it's okay! Don't sweat the small stuff. It's not worth it and it'll cause way more problems than do good. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the holidays, talk to your boyfriend about your feelings and see what he has to say.


Set Boundaries

Always, no matter what, set boundaries for yourself during the holidays. Make sure that your partner can tell when you are getting in a bad mood or even just walk away when you are starting to feel annoyed. This can actually save a lot of pain and a lot of fighting. Remember, it's the holidays and they shouldn't completely stress you out.


Create Intimacy

Wherever you are, always make sure that you are trying to create some kind of intimacy. This could mean anything from a small date night before the holidays or even just some cuddle time on the couch together. That intimacy can really create a good bond and will help you get over the stress.


Remember Why You Are Together

During the holidays, it is always good to reflect on why exactly you and your partner are together. Remember the great times, remember the times when things weren't super stressful and remember why you started to go out. If you feel like you need a break and that you are being pulled in a million directions, reflect on your relationship, girls!


Realize the Holidays Are Stressful

The holidays are stressful, girls – you've got to face reality that this time of year is when stress leaks into the simplest of things! Whether you are shopping with your boyfriend or you are planning a holiday dinner, everything is harder around the holidays. So girls, calm down and remember, don't sweat the small stuff!


Discuss Gifts in Advance

One of the biggest problems that I have in my relationship is – how much do I spend on my partner? How much money is appropriate? Well girls, this is why discussing gifts and even price options in advance is a great idea! This will eliminate the stress of how much or little to buy your partner!


Know the Good and Bad of Your Family

You know your family. You know just how great they can be, but you also know just how stressful they can be. You've got to realize that if this is the first time that you've ever had a boyfriend during the holidays, he might be scared of your family at first. Just take it all in stride, girls!


Take a Breather

Finally, allow the two of you to have some time alone, to take a breather from everyone. During the holidays this year, when I head back to Michigan, I've got plans to make a little getaway for my girlfriend and I. It'll make our holidays that much better.


Realize the Good of His Family

The holidays can be particularly hard for you if you've never had a boyfriend during them and aren't used to a. splitting the holidays or b. spending time with anyone else's family besides your own. This is the time you've got to realize that his family might have different traditions, might do things differently but it's okay -- and it'll be worth it for you to learn how his family does things!


Learn New Traditions

Yes, your family might be more than willing to open up some Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve, but his family might not. Why not learn some new traditions and even start some of your own with your boyfriend?

I know that being in a relationship around the holidays is never easy, but remember, keep it simple and don't stress! It isn't worth it! So, what other relationship tips during the holidays do you have to share? Give up some advice!

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My boyfriend and I got engaged this Christmas! It was a good holiday for our relationship. Thanks for the advice :)

Hi Heather, we are doing a radio show on tomorrow evening and I would love to have you call in. We host a relationship talk show out of Memphis, TN called, It's A Relationship and in honor of the holiday, I would love to have you call in and we discuss this post. It's very nice. Would you be up to it?

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