11 Relationship Tips for the Holidays ...


Getting through the holidays when you are in a relationship is never easy – that's why there are relationship tips for the holidays that will ensure you still have a relationship after the holidays. I know that the holidays and all of that family time can cause some strain on a relationship. These relationship tips for the holidays will not only help you survive the holidays with your partner, but they will make sure that you relationship stays strong – even through all of the stress!

1. Don't Overbook Yourselves

One of the most important relationship tips for the holidays that we're going to start out with is not to overbook yourselves. Honestly girls, you can't split the holidays and go to two different family homes or do two different Christmas Eves in the same night. That is where the stress can actually start and that is how you can get yourself into a fight. Just schedule down and talk about a plan!

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff


Marty Martin
If you are interested, email me at: mmartin110@hotmail.com. The show doesn't air live until 5pm central on tomorrow. thanks
Marty Martin
Hi Heather, we are doing a radio show on tomorrow evening and I would love to have you call in. We host a relationship talk show out of Memphis, TN called, It's A Relationship and in honor of the holi...
Heather Jensen
Congrats!! That's so awesome Brooke!!
Brooke Carlyle
My boyfriend and I got engaged this Christmas! It was a good holiday for our relationship. Thanks for the advice :)
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