7 Ways to Read Mixed Signals and Avoid Misunderstandings ...


7 Ways to Read Mixed Signals and Avoid Misunderstandings ...
7 Ways to Read Mixed Signals and Avoid Misunderstandings ...

When it comes to the opposite gender, there are no definite ways to read mixed signals. However, there are different ways we can go about their actions to get a good idea of where their head is. After all, while sometimes men send mixed signals because they are hesitant to take it further, other times they just really enjoy playing around with our emotions. So in order to avoid misunderstanding and spare some heartbreak, here are 7 ways to read mixed signals.

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Be Observant

One of the first ways to read mixed signals is to be observant. Pay attention to his body language, his communication with others and anything else that might give you clues to what is going on. However, don’t try to scare him away and overdo your analysis. Work with what you have and don’t go out of your way to obtain information unless it accidentally gets relayed to you. The more you are aware of his actions around you, the better off you will be.


Put Yourself into His Shoes

While you clearly can’t go inside his head and read his mind, the second best thing you can do is put yourself into his shoes. Imagine that you were him and think of the many different reasons why he would be sending you mixed signals. Could it be because he is afraid of your rejection or does he have some other motives?


Analyze Conversations

You know that guys don’t have bad intentions when they genuinely care about you and your conversations. If you notice that he really tries hard to have a word with you here and there, and he actually puts in effort into communicating with you, give him the benefit of the doubt. Males are like another species; all of their actions can sometimes be misread. Maybe he is not even realizing that he is sending mixed signals?


Talk to Others

If you really can’t get a clue on your own, it is best to go to your girlfriends and get a second opinion. In the end, girlfriends know best and if they tell you that something is fishy, follow their advice and if they give you a green flag, you should trust them. They might be able to pull some strings and gather more information. Teamwork all the way!


Show Reciprocated Feelings

Sometimes guys show mixed signals because they don’t want to get burned. It is one of the few ways in which we are similar, so in case that happens, you should show some initiative. Express reciprocated feelings and see how he reacts!


He Has No Good Excuses

One of the many mixed signals that guys often send is that they agree to something but then end up canceling on us. Although it is normal for it to happen a few times, a pattern of it should say something. Even if he might try to make it up to you after constantly blowing you off, chances are that he doesn’t really care enough to not do it again. So if you are tired of him being hot and then cold in that sense, it is probably a bad sign.


Break Things off

However if you can’t break into what is going on and you are quite tired of mixed signals, why go on with it? It is better to find someone who will be straightforward and honest, instead of someone who prefers to play games. So spare the stress and stop sending any signals back!

While women always get a reputation of being complicated, men are no better. They send mixed signals and often play around with our feelings. What are your tips on reading mixed signals? Share you tips in the comments.

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If you're still confused, I say just straight up tell him what's up..

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