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10 Ways to Show Your Man You Really Care for Girls Wanting to Go above and beyond ...

By Pinky

Ladies, want to know how to show your man (or woman) that you truly care? Here are 10 fun ways to keep the flame lit, to keep things exciting, and to keep that love burning! I know that as we get older, our significant others may feel like we no longer "care" about them. From balancing schedules to being overly exhausted from work or school, at times it can be hard to show you really do care about them. So here are my fun ways to show your man you truly care!


Just show some love and affection to show your man you truly care! An "I love you" or a simple "Thank you for all you do" does wonders to a spirit! It’s always the little things that matter, but it also creates a huge impact on a person's well-being and personality. A kiss on the cheek, a tight hug or squeeze, a generous smile. All these things may seem minor and small, but they definitely can do the trick to show your appreciation!


Acknowledging your loved one truly does show you care about them. Notice the finer details: new haircut, a new job or a promotion, etc. Acknowledge the little things, the hard work they put forth for you and your family. Acknowledging your man (or woman) shows them that you do pay attention, that their long hours away from home working or the extra hours that they put into their shift don't go unnoticed. It’s like a pat on the back for being super awesome!


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Get dolled up, look your best! Looking good helps you feel good, and this also shows your man that you care! No matter how crazy things can get, getting dressed up still shows you want to remind him or her that you are eye candy! Remind them what caught their eyes the first time they laid eyes on you! It also shows you aren't letting the comfort of settling into your relationship get to you. It’s like dating all over again; keep those wandering eyes glued on you!


Show your appreciation in all the work you both put in to make the relationship work. Appreciate the time spent together, appreciate the fixed fights, and appreciate the small and finer things in everyday life together. Appreciate the words exchanged; appreciate the body language between each other. It’s these little things that speak volumes! Give it a try and see the difference!


Celebrate the little things, celebrate life! Live life to the fullest, and celebrate each other. Whether it’s a bomb homemade meal for doing a great deed at work or celebrating via a small getaway because it’s your birthday-- always celebrate the joys life has to bring. Celebrate each other’s accomplishments and praise one another for the good and sometimes bad. Not everything is going to be a reason to celebrate, but when it is-- make it one to remember!


Love each other passionately, kiss with passion. Show your affection to one another wholeheartedly. Make it the kind of love you see in movies, completely engulf the person with true love and affection without smothering them. Passion behind everything you do, whether it’s just a kiss or doing the deed in the sheets, really sets the mood and tone of a situation. And, this is a great way to show your man you care!


Laugh and smile, laugh at the jokes, smile at silly things. Being a positive person and personality around a loved one not only uplifts them and enlightens their mood but it shows your care as well! How is that possible, you ask? It is! Have you ever felt like if you are in a room with a negative Debby Downer, you start to feel down yourself? Well, it goes for being a positive person! If you genuinely laugh at the little things and smile to your heart's content, this shows your man that you care because it shows happiness. But, do it if you truly feel that way! Don't do it for show!


Sometimes you might not always agree with your man, they may do things that bother you or annoy you. Pick your battles, not everything is worth arguing about. Some things are just meant to be discussed in a respectful tone and manner. There are things or situations that can just roll off your shoulders or slide off your bag. Don't nag or bicker when it isn't necessary, this shows that you care and value your relationship by not creating issues where there wasn't one to begin with.


Spend time apart; you don't always have to do everything together. Crazy, right? Spend time apart, let him have his guys' night, girls' night, or whatever it may be. Give him his time to be him and hang out with his friends or family. Distance does the heart wonders and it shows that you respect his space. It also shows you aren't trying to suffocate him either.


Talk to him, have a conversation, let him tell you about his worries and stresses. Be a good listener; comfort him when he needs it. Communication is a great way to fix the little things, or get things off your chest. But, it shows you care because you're willing to figure things out together!

Showing someone you really care about each other is truly a mindful matter. It takes a lot to show a person you care, but it also needs effort from both parties. Not everything will be a one-way road, and the work should be just as equal, 50/50. What are some ways you show that you care?

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