How to Decipher if He is Flirting or Just Being Friendly ...

By Holly

There's a fine line between being flirty and friendly. That's why it's hard to figure out if the guy you like actually has a crush on you, or if he's just a nice guy who's treating you well. Of course, there are always ways to figure out what's on his mind. If you're confused about a certain boy's intentions, here are a few different ways to tell whether he's flirting or just being friendly:

1 He Acts Differently around You

He Acts Differently around You The easiest way to tell if a guy likes you is by comparing the way he acts with you to the way he acts around others. If he treats you just like he treats his friends, or how he treats every other girl he comes across, then he's probably just being friendly. However, if he acts completely different around you, it means he likes you. He cares about your opinion, which is why he's not his usual self.

2 He's Always near You

He's Always near You If you have a class with him, and he chooses to sit with you instead of with his close buddies, he probably has a crush on you. Boys like to hang out with their besties, so if he's choosing you over them, it means you're special. If he asks you to hang out with him one-on-one, it's another good sign. The less people that are around, the more opportunities he'll have to make a move on you.

3 He's Always Touching You

He's Always Touching You Most people like to have their personal space. They don't want to feel like they're being smothered, so they keep their distance. That why it's a good sign if he sits so close to you that your arms are brushing, even though there are plenty of other places for him to sit.

4 He Stares at You

He Stares at You Friends don't stare at other friends with big, dreamy eyes. If you notice him looking at you from across the room with no intention of talking to you, then it means he likes what he's seeing. There's no other reason for him to be looking at you for so long.

5 He Remembers Everything That You Say

Yes, some people just have good memories. However, most of us don't remember little details unless they're important to us. So if he remembers the date and exact time of your birth, he's probably crushing on you. Otherwise he would've pushed that information to the back of his mind.

6 He Tells His Friends about You

He Tells His Friends about You If his friends know information about you that you never gave them, it's probably because your crush told them all about you. Don't think of it as an invasion of privacy, because it's actually a great sign. It means he thinks about you, even when you're not around.

7 He Winks

He Winks This is the most obvious sign that he likes you. If he winks at you or brings up sex with you, then chances are that he wants to date you. If he was just being friendly, he wouldn't cross that line.

When you know what to look for, it's not that difficult to decipher a man's actions. Do you have trouble figuring out if men are just being nice to you or if they actually like you?

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