7 Ways to Show Your Partner You Appreciate Them ...


7 Ways to Show Your Partner You Appreciate Them ...
7 Ways to Show Your Partner You Appreciate Them ...

Knowing a few great ways to show your partner you appreciate them can help keep your relationship on the right path. Often the first steps to breakupsville or divorceville begins when one person in the relationship feels unloved, unappreciated and taken for granted. So if you want to make your significant other feel special and loved, I’m going to give you a few ways to show your partner you appreciate them.

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Take Time to Have Fun

Most of us lead really hectic lives because of work or school which leaves little time for the ones that we love. One of the best ways to show your partner you appreciate them is to set aside time just for them. Spending quality time together can help reinforce the emotional bond that you share. Depending on your partner’s personality, do something low-key or get all dressed up for a night out and just enjoy each other’s company.


Do Something for Your Partner

Think of something nice to do for your partner and then do it. For example, it could be like cooking his favorite meal even if you have pyromaniac cooking skills like I do. Even if the meal isn’t perfect, he will love that you tried to do something thoughtful for him. He will appreciate your effort regardless of the outcome.


Buy Him Tickets to a Fun Event

Think of your boyfriend’s favorite band. Get him tickets to a concert that he would love to see and try to get good seats. Or if he is an avid sports fan, get him tickets for his favorite sports team. If you don’t like the music genre or aren’t into sports, offer to go with him anyway so he knows you are making an effort to enjoy something that he likes.


Create a Sensual Night

One of the best things you can do for your partner is to give him a sensual massage with essential oils. Use oils that are well-known for their relaxation properties like sandalwood. Try not to use oils that have strong flower scents because most guys don’t appreciate smelling like flowers. A massage is an ideal way to show your man you appreciate him because it helps him to relax, which is perfect if he has been under a lot of stress at work or school.


Create a New Holiday

All of us know all the usual holidays like Fourth of July or St. Patrick’s Day. A good way to show your partner that you love everything about him is to create a new holiday that celebrates him. So choose a date on the calendar when he isn’t busy and plan something fun. Just for the day, indulge in his favorite foods and do something that he loves.

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Acknowledge His Efforts

When you are in a long-term relationship, its easy to take the other person for granted. Acknowledge all the little things your boyfriend does for you on a daily basis that are thoughtful, sweet, helpful or that make your life easier. Tell him how much you appreciate him when he does something nice for you. Make sure you reciprocate his efforts so he doesn't feel like you are taking advantage of him.


Love Notes

Another way to show your appreciation is to write a sweet note that compliments him or that simply says I love you. Dab a bit of your favorite perfume on it and leave a brightly colored lipstick imprint at the end of the note for an extra touch. Leave the note in a place where he is likely to find it such as his bedside table, taped to the steering wheel of his car or in a jacket pocket. Finding an unexpected love note will make his day.

So, ladies, these are just a few ways that can show your man that you love having him in your life. Is there anything that you do for your man to show your appreciation that you would like to share?

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