Sexy Ways to Spice up the Bedroom on Valentine's Day ...


Sexy Ways to Spice up the Bedroom on Valentine's Day ...
Sexy Ways to Spice up the Bedroom on Valentine's Day ...

Looking for some ways to spice up the bedroom romance on Valentine's Day? Let’s get real ladies, from your first time of love we visualize the movies. The romance, the music, the feeling of awe and desire. For me, the visualization was from the Twilight movies. I was looking for the Edward to my Bella. For others, it was the Notebook, whether it is the drive of their love or they want to find someone to connect with so deeply that they actually die together.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, how about you put a different spark in that bedroom this year. Every relationship is different and we all know it’s nothing like we thought it would be. So let’s find a way that even after decades of marriage you can still have a spicy romance between the sheets. Let some of that pressure go and realize it’s not only you ladies who needs to work for it, make your man work for it too. Do a few flowers, a nice dinner, or movie giveyour man the free pass to your Sweet Tarts? Get that role play going, the fireman saves the trapped damsel, make him chase you or whatever fantasy you have in your head tell him to work for it and get your Fifty Shades of Grey on.

No need to try so hard with those kinky outfits, try some games instead where there are no clothes involved. Are you limber? Go with naked Twister. Little on the less bendy side? Next time you hit the store for your normal shopping, grab some foods that get a little messy and take a trip down lick mountain. Age is just a number and finding fun and interesting things to try can help a relationship grow stronger. They have those special stores for a reason, so take advantage! It turns out sex happens to also be a great de-stressor. Let that work week and the stresses of life fade away in the grasp of your lover and get your naughty on this year!

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