Totally Realistic Ways to Build Sexual Confidence ...

By Sici

Do you need some ways to build sexual confidence? It’s one of the greatest tragedies in life that sex, something that all human beings should be able to have and enjoy as much as they want to, and something that can bring infinite pleasure and joy, is also something that can cause a lot of self-esteem and confidence issues for people all over the world. If you don’t have any sexual confidence, then the prospect of being intimate with somebody goes from exciting to terrifying in an instant, and it might even be for reasons that you have yet to actually identify. If you are someone who has recently been struggling with your sexual confidence, then here are a few ways to build sexual confidence.

1 Learn from the past

With each sexual partner that you have, new experiences are had. If you have been through a particularly bad break up, then psychologically, you might have some hangups to do with the intimate things that you and that particular partner used to do. If the thought of engaging in those particular activities is bringing back bad memories of your past relationship, then make an effort to try new things with the new person in order to build new memories that are more positive. This is one of the best ways to build sexual confidence.

2 Know Your Pleasure

It is important to every woman to know exactly what turns her on the most. The key to building sexual confidence is in discovering what the things are that you gain the most sexual pleasure from. Once you know, the more you engage in these particular activities, the happier you will be with your sexual life. If you are lost for inspiration when it comes to the sort of thing, then there is no harm in doing a little fun research on the Internet - you never know what you might find that you like!

3 Communicate

If you are having sex with somebody, we would hope that it is with someone who you can really open up to. If your partner is receptive to your opinions and your happiness, then they will want to do anything they can to improve both your pleasure and your confidence. Start out with a few simple conversations about things that you like, things that you don’t, and during these simple discussions, a deeper understanding of each other will arise. The more you feel like you’re partner truly understands you, the more confident you will be in your intimate time together.

4 Pleasure, Not Performance

Some people get too caught up with trying to put on a show like they see in the porn movies, but this isn’t always what it takes to have the most pleasure. If porn is telling you to do it fast, but you know that you like it slow, then follow your own instincts and you will definitely have a much better time. Trust your own body and your own mind and don’t worry about what everybody else is selling.

5 Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun whilst having sex! At the end of the day, it’s just body parts going into other body parts, the rest of it, all the emotional parts, are all determined by us. Don't put too much pressure on yourself!

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