7 Ways to Stop Fighting While in a Relationship ...


Disputes are never pleasurable but there are ways to stop fighting. Of course it is a natural occurrence in a relationship; a relationship is not a relationship with a spat here and there. There is nothing more annoying than being with someone who agrees with everything you say. Especially in a lover, but there are ways you can toe that line and have that healthy relationship worthy of envy. Here are a few ways to stop fighting.

1. Count to 10

One of the ways to stop fighting is by taking the time out to count to 10. Now that may sound absolutely silly, but it actually can work. It is a method that has been around since forever, so it has to do something right? Counting has been known to have a calming effect. It also gives you 10 seconds to actually think of a nicer way of getting your point across, and stop you from committing murder . Which is what we all need in that heat of the moment.

Time out


@Bronti Turvey there's always a way u can calm him down if he's really angry and insecure you can take a deep breath and hug him and tell him to calm down so the fight/argument does not keep going on ...
Bronti Turvey
What if he is really angry and insecure so you can't really walk away or take a deep breath because he's constantly jumping down your throat?
I just go outside and scream lol sounds stupid but I do I scream and take a deep breath and come back and tell my boyfriend to shut up now and it actually works :)
Hmmn i tried some of the list but nothing seems to work .
What about when the person is ignoring you for days? How do you deal with that when living with them?
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