7 Ways to Stop Fighting While in a Relationship ...

By Naomi

Disputes are never pleasurable but there are ways to stop fighting. Of course it is a natural occurrence in a relationship; a relationship is not a relationship with a spat here and there. There is nothing more annoying than being with someone who agrees with everything you say. Especially in a lover, but there are ways you can toe that line and have that healthy relationship worthy of envy. Here are a few ways to stop fighting.

1 Count to 10

One of the ways to stop fighting is by taking the time out to count to 10. Now that may sound absolutely silly, but it actually can work. It is a method that has been around since forever, so it has to do something right? Counting has been known to have a calming effect. It also gives you 10 seconds to actually think of a nicer way of getting your point across, and stop you from committing murder . Which is what we all need in that heat of the moment.

2 Time out

These are methods we have seen on television shows like Nanny 911 or up until last year, Super Nanny. Images of unruly children getting placed in corners, or a time out chair, or some cases, on a step, in an attempt to get the child to learn from bad behaviors. Well this can work on big kids too, who are none other than adults! Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all been guilty of behaving like children. So why not try their methods. When you and your beau get into a fight, take a time out. Go into separate parts of the house, and do things that you like. Time away can allow for anger to subside, and allow for a proper dialog between you two.

3 Dear Diary

Remember that old dusty journal you used to keep under your bed? For one, it is an amazing time capsule. You get to see how you were feeling at a particular time in your life, but it also works for current use. Writing one's feelings out is a great way healthily get your feelings out, which will allow you to approach your sweetie with a whole new perspective.

4 Phone a Friend

Friends can be some of the best allies a girl could have. There is nothing like talking to someone who sometimes knows you better than you know yourself. Close friends can tell when you're being irrational and unfair, and hopefully they're honest enough to tell you so. We all have that one friend that sticks up for us no matter what, this may not be the friend to talk to if you want an unbiased perspective. Altogether speaking or spending time with friends can be a perfect way to vent, sending you home with a clear head.

5 Take a Breather

Sometimes nothing does the body good more than air. Try breathing exercises, or just take a few deep breaths. Exhaling all that extra carbon dioxide may be able to blow away some of your anger too. Or step outside for air. Go to a local park, provided it's still day light, or a walk around the neighborhood. Being alone alone will put that mind to work. It could be just the thing you need to get down to the real problem at hand. Plus, can be a great work out. Totally a win-win.

6 Use Your Words

This is something adults say to children who have issues expressing themselves. It can works for grown ups too. By talking things out in a calm matter, you both will be able to express your concerns, or whatever has triggered the fighting. For it to happen properly, make sure you have no distractions. Do it in a quiet place, and turn off the electronics. Make sure that this moment is just about the two of you. This will show you beau you are serious about waving the white flag.

7 Make Love

Now this isn't the exact answer to fighting, but there can be something so intense about a fight between lovers, it happens. Sometimes our bodies are capable of expressing what our words cannot. It is a reason why it's called love making! This will lead to vulnerability in both of you, and allow for you to let your guards down, and just enjoy each other. Pillow talk is always less aggressive, and will make for an open and honest, and will open up those lines of communication. Plus it will feel great just to be back in each others arms.

I'm sure you have heard this a million times over, but this really is the key to any healthy relationship, is communication. These are just 7 ways to stop fighting that I have used in my own relationships that has worked for me. From your own experiences, what ways have you used to stop fighting with a loved one?

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