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Fab Reasons Why a Hug is Better than a Kiss ...

By Neecey

Kisses are lovely. But hugs are fabulous too and I think sometimes we overlook their value. There are many times a hug can happen where a kiss can’t, won’t or shouldn’t. And there are plenty of benefits to hugging too. Not convinced a hug is better than a kiss? Read on to be convinced.

1 Shows You Care

Shows You Care A hug can act like a great big security blanket for its recipient, showing them that you care and that you are there for them.

2 Lifts the Spirit

Lifts the Spirit When you hug or are hugged, something called oxytocin, also coined as the cuddle hormone, it released, and it makes us feel all soothed, warm and relaxed!

3 You Can Make Them Linger

You Can Make Them Linger The average hug length is roughly ten seconds, but show your ‘hugee’ how much you love them by beating the average and going even longer. Make your hugs last longer than you kisses!

4 It Helps the Heart

It Helps the Heart It has been scientifically proven that the act of a great hug can significantly lower a person’s heart rate, which in turn can decrease their risk of several different heart related health problems!

5 Reassurance

Reassurance There is nothing quite like the comfort and reassurance that a really good hug can give to a person. Something about the intimacy of body contact can be very relaxing and much needed.

6 You Can Give Them Anywhere

You Can Give Them Anywhere No matter where you are, if you’re out at the mall together or you a making dinner together in the kitchen, the beauty of a hug is that it can be given absolutely anywhere.

7 A Self Esteem Boost

A Self Esteem Boost The recipient of a hug can often feel a nice boost of self-esteem afterwards, and this is because of the voluntary closeness that they have just experienced with a loved one.

8 Natural Stress Relief

Natural Stress Relief It’s a fact that a good, long hug can actually reduce the levels of cortisol in your body, and cortisol is the hormone that triggers amounts of stress.

9 An Acceptable PDA

An Acceptable PDA Unlike other forms of public affection, a hug is pretty much accepted to be given anywhere you want! It’s the perfect public show of support and love without crossing any boundaries.

10 They Get Us through the Day

They Get Us through the Day A study recently showed that people who give or receive more than four hugs a day tend to have much more enjoyable lives. The show of affection helps us through the day.

11 You Can Give Them when Sick!

You Can Give Them when Sick! Unlike a kiss, no bodily fluids are exchanged during a hug, so they are safe to give if you or your loved one is under the weather.

12 There is a Special Hugging Day

There is a Special Hugging Day National Hug Day is celebrated all over the world on January 21st, so get involved and become one of many huggers on that special day!

13 Improves Communication

Improves Communication Regular hugging can improve your non verbal communication with your loved one, as you start to pick up their body language much better.

14 Mutually Beneficial

Mutually Beneficial All of the benefits I have mentioned so far are received by both the hugger and the ‘hugee’, so a hug literally makes everybody happy!

15 A Graceful for of Intimacy

A Graceful for of Intimacy A hug is one of the most graceful forms of intimacy, giving you more body contact than a kiss but less intrusive if you are not ready for more romance.

16 They Are Non-Sexual

They Are Non-Sexual Hugs are the perfect form of affection to show to someone who you like but are not necessarily sexually attracted to. It’s a great half way measure!

17 Make It a Group Activity!

Make It a Group Activity! There is nothing quite like a great group hug, whether you are celebrating a birthday or even something like a sporting event, the beauty of a group hug is that you can share the moment with everybody at the same time.

I love to hug. Maybe I have a hugging addiction. Hug anyone? Anyone …?

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