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Usually, no one wants to go first, but you'd be surprised to find out all the reasons why you shouldn't wait to say I love you. It's scary thinking you might say those three little words and your partner won't say them in return. Love is all about taking risks and that is one of the first risks you take. If you're on the fence, learn why you shouldn't wait to say I love you. After all, if you feel it, say it.

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Make It Clear How You Feel

One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn't wait to say I love you is to make it very clear how you feel. The guy might be hesitating just like you. Imagine how much better you'll both feel if you go ahead and say it. Even if he doesn't say it back, at least you know that he knows how you feel. You'll feel better for saying it and they'll be no more doubt about your feelings.


Learn How He Feels

You could put it all on your partner and impatiently wait to figure out whether they love you or not. After all, you don't want to scare him away by saying I love you first. Why wait when you can learn the answer now? Say the words, but don't expect anything in return just yet. Though he might not say them back, it will lead to a conversation about how he feels and what he thinks about the relationship.


Get over the Fear

From the moment you realize you love him, you're instantly afraid. What if he doesn't love you back? What if the relationship doesn't work? The longer you wait, the more stressed out you become. Don't let your fear ruin the relationship. Instead, take a deep breath, let go of your fear and just say it. You'll feel better and with less stress, you can focus more on the relationship.


Take the Pressure off Him

Guys are just as stressed over trying to figure out when to say I love you as women are. Do you both really need to play guessing games in your minds? Give both of you a break and tell him you love him. If you've noticed him being more stressed around you and seemingly like he wants to tell you something, you'll likely see him drastically relax when you say the three little words he's been dying to say to you.


Love Isn't about Rules

Both men and women have been conditioned to wait to say I love you. You could read 20 different articles on the right time to say it and you'll get 20 different opinions. Love isn't about a set of rules. When you feel the emotion with all your heart, that's the time to say it. You don't need to wait until he says it first. Love is about being true to yourself and your partner.


Establish Intent

When two people say I love you, the relationship becomes more serious. Love usually means both parties are interested in a long term relationship versus just casual dating. Why try to figure out what he wants? Go ahead and tell him how you feel. If he doesn't feel the same and isn't ready for the next step, at least you'll know. You could waste months on someone who will never commit, when you could know the moment you feel the emotion.


Feel Happier

While saying I love you first doesn't guarantee he'll say it back or even feel the same, sometimes he will say it in return and mean it. Trust me, you'll hear the emotion in his voice. This will be one of the happiest moments in your relationship. You could hold off on this moment and hope he says it first. Or, you could say it when you feel it and feel even happier in your relationship.

Saying I love you isn't about waiting for someone else to say it first. There are no set rules for saying those three little, yet powerful, words. Say what you feel and stop waiting. How long do you wait to say I love you?

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This article really helped me take things to the next level with my boyfriend. I called him after we hung up to tell him I loved him. Thank you!

Im really scared to do it but I feel like I have to. If I don't I'll just go crazy waiting and not knowing. Wish me luck!! :p

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