This is Why I Love You ...

By Laura

The three most crucial words in a relationship are, "I love you" but there comes a point where I love you is worn out and you just need to hear something else that let's you know the other person cares. Here we've got 15 other phrases that could easily show the other person how you feel and end with the sweet "**this is why I love you".**

Table of contents:

  1. "you inspire me."
  2. “i’ll always be there for you.”
  3. "you bring out the best in me.”
  4. "i'll never stop challenging you."
  5. "i want to grow old with you.”
  6. “you’re my best friend.”
  7. "i see you.”
  8. “i value you.”
  9. "i never want give up on us."
  10. "i'm in awe of you."
  11. "you’re more than enough.”
  12. “i’m in love with you.”
  13. "you're beautiful."
  14. “i trust you.”
  15. "you make me happy."

1 "You Inspire Me."

I want to know that I enable you to reach for the stars. That being with me gives you the support you need to face any challenge.

2 “I’ll Always Be There for You.”

More than in sickness and in health, show me that for every obstacle I face, on my own or with you, you’ll have my back. Saying this to your significant other really tells them "**this is why I love you".**

3 "You Bring out the Best in Me.”

Tell me that I keep you grounded. Tell me that I make you the man you’ve always wanted to be. I want to know that I am the reason you strive so hard to be your best self and live your best life.

4 "I'll Never Stop Challenging You."

Keep me growing, keep me improving and make sure I never settle. Play devil’s advocate, question me, and help me see multiple sides to every story. I'm difficult to be with sometimes so hearing this let's me know the person won't leave when I'm difficult."

5 "I Want to Grow Old with You.”

When we’re 85 and sitting in rocking chairs, I want to look back on our life together and have no regrets. Telling me you want to grow old with me is like saying you want to see me throughout the years and go through life with me. Clearly you value me enough to never let go and it's the best way to say this is why I love you.

6 “You’re My Best Friend.”

I want an ally, a confidant and a critic in my partner. We’ll put each other and our relationship above all else because making it work comes first. Being lovers is great, but being friends too is even better.

7 "I See You.”

It’s one thing to know someone on the surface level; it’s another thing entirely to understand exactly who they are as a person and to accept it fully. To love someone because you see them for who they are and what they have to offer is the best feeling in the world.

8 “I Value You.”

Tell me you appreciate me, not just for the role I play in your life, but for my dreams and everything I am. To value me is the ultimate way to say this is why I love you.

9 "I Never Want Give up on Us."

Relationships take hard work. Show me you won't quit when the going gets tough. Tell me our lines of communication will always be open, and we can get through anything.

10 "I'm in Awe of You."

Mutual respect and understanding are very important to me. Tell me that you're proud of me, especially when I feel weak. I need that support to continue on in tough times.

11 "You’re More than Enough.”

A part of me will always wonder what I did to deserve someone so incredible. Remind me that I'm worthy of your love. Remind me that I am everything you ever wanted in someone.

12 “I’m in Love with You.”

Some don’t see the difference between this and I love you, but to me, it’s crystal clear. Love is a feeling but being in love is promise. To absolutely love me beyond anything is the purest of intentions.

13 "You're Beautiful."

Not in the moments I spent hours getting ready. I want to know it the times I didn't try at all but you can't stop staring. The times where I feel a mess. Telling me I'm beautiful at my lowest will help know this is why I love you.

14 “I Trust You.”

No relationship can be built or sustained without complete and total honesty. With trust at our core, we'll always have enough. Without trust, there is nothing.

15 "You Make Me Happy."

Tell me you could live without me, but you don't want to. Show me that no matter how crazy I get that you feel like the luckiest man alive.

What do you think? Is there anything else that could say this is why I love you better than these?

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