Why Men Prefer Women without Children ...

By Curtis

Ever wondered why men prefer women without children?
We live in a time where women have kids young but are not always married. We also are living in a time where some men are not in the lives of their children. Whatever the reason, there are some reasons why men prefer women without children.

One reason why men prefer women without children is because of the responsibility. As I was growing up, my dad used to say, “Curtis, If you’re going to be with a woman with kids, you are going to have to take care of them too”. I already knew what my dad was saying, but some men don’t want the responsibility of taking care of the woman and her child. Some men want to enjoy what they have now. Having a beautiful woman (or women), a successful job, a fine place, and no kids.

They are selfish and inconsiderate, but they love their lifestyle. Having a woman with a child will take their fun away. They would have to constantly wonder if and when the child is asleep, where the child is at, can’t the child go to his dad's for a while or his friend's, and the list goes on. With a man like that, there is no room for a child in his world. Only what you got. Don’t get me wrong, some men are like that. Other men are mainly afraid of messing up a good thing, or highly concerned about the child taking a liking him. My advice is this: if you meet this particular type of man, give him some time to warm up to your child. Don’t push him too hard or he’ll run. Let him get comfortable with having a child around. Once he is used to the child, you two might make your own one day.

Another reason why men prefer women with no kids is because of the drama. I can’t stand the baby daddy drama. This coincides with the first reason. The baby's dad needs to be in the child’s life. Men don’t want to hear why you and your baby daddy are fighting. Although we need to hear what your feelings and thoughts are and help you through your situation, we will be unable to understand because we have not been in that position before. Also, most women still have strong feelings for their baby dad. We honestly don’t want thoughts in our head asking, “Is she still sleeping with him?” or “Has she been sleeping with him?” This is the truth, unfortunately. Every time we hear about your baby dad, that is the thought on our minds. So why be bombarded with this thought when we could have a woman with no kids? For those who stick with the drama, I give you mad props for stepping up to the plate (thanks, Dad).

The last reason and the most powerful reason why men prefer women with no kids is because men want their own child. Having a woman with kid(s) and taking care of them is one thing. The feeling of love and affection is there, but the feeling of a man having his own child is on a different level. How did you feel when your child was born? How do you feel every day and night when you see your child? Those feelings you have are the same a man would if the child was his own. You can’t replace a feeling like that. I have no kids and have been in 3 relationships with women with kids. When we broke up, I was crushed because of the kids. I was in their lives and now I’m leaving. That’s not the worst part. The worst part is the reason why we broke up. And the reason being is, I wanted my own child and they didn’t want any more.

Although there may be other reasons, the responsibility, the drama, and having our own child, are what I believe, are the main reasons why men prefer women with no kids. I hope I was able to enlighten you ladies with kids. Don’t be discouraged when a man leaves because of your child. There are men out there who will accept you and your child; you just have to find them. I hope you do and become a happy family!

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