6 Types of Men You Meet at a Bar ...


6 Types of Men  You Meet at a Bar ...
6 Types of Men  You Meet at a Bar ...

There are so many types of men you meet in a bar. Do you have those nights that you just go to a bar with your friends and in the midst of all the drinking and the conversation you devote a couple of minutes simply to watch the people at the surrounding tables? Sometimes looking for a potential romantic interest or simply observing? If you have then you might have noticed the following types of men you meet in a bar.

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The “I Love My Girlfriend so Much” Type

He will most likely sit at the table allowing no space between himself and his girlfriend. He will pay attention to very few things around him and he will spend his time kissing his girlfriend. Those types are the ones that prompt everyone around them to yell “get a room”. But this is only one of the types of men you meet in a bar.


This adoring beau can often be seen gazing into his partner’s eyes, as though they were the only two people in the room. His single-minded focus on his girlfriend may border on obliviousness to the environment—interrupting conversations only to compliment her or tell a story about their relationship. Whether it’s her laugh, her drink choice, or an anecdote about how they met, it’s clear to anyone within earshot that he’s utterly smitten. Despite the eye rolls they may elicit, their unapologetic PDA speaks volumes about his affection.


The “I’m Single and Looking for the Next” Type

You will spot this one really easily. His eyes will never stop moving around, checking out every possible woman that can be a potential partner. Once in awhile his eyes will get caught on one woman who he will study in detail.


He'll likely strike up a flirtatious conversation, brimming with compliments and cheeky remarks, all in pursuit of sparking something more. His chat might feel a tad rehearsed—a mix of charm and suave—since he's played this game before. Watch for his telltale exit strategy, though: If the banter wanes or someone more captivating catches his eye, he's off without a second glance, leaving a trail of half-hearted promises to connect later. This guy is all about the thrill of the chase, with his heart set on romantic possibility—or at least the fun of the night.


The “I’m Single and I Intend to Keep It That Way so I’m Only Looking for a One Night Stand” Type

Not to be confused with our previous entry, this type of man will also keep looking around but instead of assessing potential log time partners he will only look for a temporary one. Most likely his eyes will zero in on a woman that also came to the bar for the same reason and they will soon make their way out of the bar together.


The “I Pretend I Am Not Looking but I Totally Am” Type

This man will most likely be out with a few friends, pretending he is not checking out women during the time he spends with his buddies. He will throw a few glances around when he thinks none of his friends is looking and he most likely won’t do anything more than just that.


The “I’m Hitting on Everything That Moves” Type

This will probably be someone that you will find quite often lingering next to a woman’s table. He will hit on every woman at the bar that appears to be single from the moment he walks in. At the end of the night, he will most likely leave alone.

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The Shy and Quiet Type

This man will most likely sit in the dark corner of the bar. He will have a quiet drink and he will indulge in some people watching himself. He will be so quiet that sometimes even the wait staff won’t remember he is there.

A bar will attract different types of personalities all the time. Sometimes it will be men that might trigger some lonely feelings if you are single or a sudden craving to see your partner if you are in a relationship. Some other types might trigger thoughts like “I am staying single forever”. Either way, it is fun to people watch sometimes. Just don’t stare because that will make it creepy. What types of men have you noticed at bars that aren’t on this list?

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