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A Look at Why Men Love Boobs ...

By Sici

Want to know why men love boobs? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, men are relatively simple creatures! You might love them, but that doesn’t always mean that you have to understand them! We live with our boobs 24/7, day and night, and depending on their shape and size, it might be the case that they often cause more annoyance in your life than anything! Not for a guy though! To a guy, boobs are this magical, mystical physical feature that have the power to render him speechless and incapable of thinking of anything else! Although your boobs might be no big deal to you, they certainly can be a big deal to the man in your life. Here are just a few reasons why men love boobs so much!

1 Fun!

To put it plainly, boobs are fun for guys! They are fun to touch, to play with, to squeeze, to kiss, pretty much anything that can think of to do with them, they will! We think it stems from the fact that they don’t have them themselves, and guys are always intrigued and interested in things that they don’t have personal experience with. This works out just fine for you because a guy who is really into boobs will most likely also be really into foreplay!

2 Looks

There is something about a great pair of boobs that drives a guy wild, both naked and clothed! Boobs create a really feminine shape in a great outfit, and when just stripped down to your underwear, you can drive a man wild! The sight of a matching bra and panties set revealing your cleavage is almost too much for a guy to take! It might be cliché, but for most men, it’s a case of the bigger, the better!

3 Clothing

Men start to have a much bigger appreciation for women’s clothing when a great pair of boobs are included in the party. Things like lingerie, swimwear and even just casual and formal looks can be transformed from simple to sexual if you know how to work your boobs into the equation. When they are hidden underneath a great outfit, boobs become this great thing of mystery for a man and he will want even more to see what you have going on under there. The more sensual and feminine a silhouette you can create with your clothing, the crazier he will be about you!

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