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Why Men Pull Away ...

By Leiann

He just goes away. You wonder what went wrong. Do you blame yourself?

Let Dr. Antonio Borrello give you some valuable advice.

First of all, there is anxiety. You are not at fault! This stems from his past and he may not even realize it.

Then, as for compatibility, you imagine he is perfect, but you may not be being realistic.

Following, he may be in love with someone else. This happens and is not your fault nor do you have flaws to blame.

Next, are the bad boys. You just seem to have that attraction. Re-evaluate and give the good guys a chance!

Furthermore, you do everything 110%. This causes two problems as it lowers your value in his eyes and also places tons of pressure on him. What I personally don't understand is how putting him on a pedestal would lower worth. But, Dr. Antonio knows tons more than I do.

On the same hand, Dr. Antonio says that if things do not work out, this happens all of the time. Move on.

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Thank you for watching. I hope he is a good catch!

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