What do Men Think about during the First Date?

First dates can get stressful. And it is at that moment when he is in front of you that you wish you had the superpower to read minds. The time you are in front of him, his mind is also running, just like yours. What does he really think at those times? Well, what do you think? Your thoughts are not so different.

1. Physical Appearance

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Whether we like it or not the physical appearance is the first thing people notice about someone. And your man won’t be an exception. He will notice your physical appearance. Of course, chances are you have met before and he liked the way you look and that’s why he asked you out, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t also be thinking about it during the first date. He will also most likely, have the fleeting thought of how much time did it take for you to get ready for this date. Stereotypes about women that spent many hours in front of a mirror run strong and he can’t help it.

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