Why You Need to Stop Obsessing over an Unrequited Crush ...


Why You Need to Stop Obsessing over an Unrequited Crush ...
Why You Need to Stop Obsessing over an Unrequited Crush ...

There is no arguing with the fact that having a new and strong crush can be a really fun and exciting time in your life, but at some point, for your own good, that crush needs to find a way to either become something more, or become something of the past. To stay in the lonely zone of unrequited attraction is never a healthy thing. It’s not a fun place to be in and it can prevent you from making more positive strides in your love life. Here are some reasons to stop obsessing over an unrequited crush.

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Too Much Pressure

No good relationship can ever last if it starts with you putting too much pressure on the other person. When you have such a one-sided crush, there is always going to be too much pressure on his end to meet your expectations.



When you have crushed on him for so long, the truth is that he is probably not going to be anything like the image you have created in your head. You end up being in love with the false him rather than the real him.


Wasting Time

There is absolutely no point in wasting your best years pining after someone that you know you are never going to be with. You could be spending that time actually entering into a real romance with someone else who likes you back.


More than a Hookup

There is no point waiting for him if you think that the only thing that could ever come out of it is a simple hookup. You are worth more than just a one night stand or casual fling.



The thing is, he probably isn’t being as honest as he wants to be. He can sense that you have feelings, and rather than just letting you know that he isn’t interested, he is pussyfooting around the topic and giving you false hope.


Taking Advantage

It might be a case that he just likes the attention of your crush without wanting to do anything about it, and if that is true, then he is just taking advantage of your affection to make him feel better about himself.


Bad Advice

If your friends have run out of advice to give you about your crush, then that is a pretty big sign that it has gone as far as it can and nothing more can be done to help.



Here’s the thing, relationships aren’t supposed to be that difficult! You can’t expect something to blossom out of a situation that had so much stress and unrequited hurt to begin with.


Not ‘You’

You are just not ‘you’ when you are around him. You are pretending to be someone else in the hope that it is someone that he will like more than the real you, and that’s not healthy.



You are constantly paranoid and worrying about what he thinks of you, and that state of paranoia isn’t healthy for you at all.

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