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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Scared to Eat What You Want on a First Date ...

By Amanda

Girls, we’ve all been there. We’re on a first date at a restaurant with this cute guy that we’re really digging. You sit down, the waiter hands you both a menu and you begin to examine the menu for a meal that isn’t messy, fattening or will make you look less attractive while eating. Well, I'm here to tell you why you shouldn't be scared to eat what you want on a first date.

You look at what you really want, like that juicy burger 🍔 that comes with loaded fries 🍟 or those hot wings 🍗that you’ve been craving for the longest time. But instead, you go for a boring salad 🥗 that you know won’t fill you up. Might as well tell your roomie to save you some junk food for when you get back. Enough of all of that! Let’s get down to why you shouldn’t be scared to eat what you want on a first date.

1 The Guy is Taking You out on a Date to a Restaurant

I’m sure it’s common sense that you are going to be eating in front of him, so why wouldn’t he want you to eat? You're out to dinner and that's why you shouldn't be scared to eat what you want on a first date. 🤔

2 Guys like Girls That Are Confident and Secure with Themselves

Girl, toss that salad, and order the burger. It’ll show him that you’re not scared to order what you like. Besides, what guy doesn’t like burgers? He’ll have the perfect view: A beautiful girl in front of him holding a good looking burger. 🤤

3 He is Not Going to Be Staring at Your Mouth and Analyzing How Every Piece of Food is Entering It

That is just plain weird. If he does, just leave because something could definitely be wrong with the dude and not you. All jokes aside, he is most likely going to be more focused on his food than looking at how you’re eating yours. 🍽

4 From My Experience, I’ve Learned That Guys like Girls That Eat

I mean what guy have you spoken to that doesn’t enjoy eating? With that being said, why would he judge you on a date for liking to eat? That’s just plain wrong and hypocritical.

5 Guys Want You to Enjoy Yourself on a Date and They Want to Get to Know You

I mean, isn’t that why he asked you out in the first place? So it’s better just to be yourself. You know, have him order some wine 🍾🥂🍷 if you’re a little nervous because it’s normal to be. Just don’t forget that the reason why you’re on this date in the first place is because he’s already into you. Just do you, boo. You got this. 👍❤️

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