9 Questions You Should Ask on a First Date ...


9 Questions You Should Ask on a First Date ...
9 Questions You Should Ask on a First Date ...

Are you the type of person who thinks about the question you should ask on a first date? Preparing some questions for the first date is a good way to ensure that you get to know your date and that you both have a fun conversation. I think we’ve all been through those awkward periods where no one is talking and you’re forced to make small talk about the salad dressing. I’m all for being spontaneous, but planning some questions to ask your date never hurts. If you want some ideas on questions you should ask on a first date or just want to make sure you avoid any uncomfortable lulls in the conversation, read on for some great options!

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“How Was Your Day?”

One of the questions you should ask on a first date should do with how they’re doing or how their day went. I know it might seem kind of like the standard obligatory greeting, but I’m sure you're curious to know how it went anyway and you can get an idea of what kind of mood they’re in. Psychology Today also notes that asking about your date’s day is a good way to tell if they have a positive or negative attitude towards things. Plus, you don’t want to start off the date firing off a series of serious questions.


“What do You like about Your Job?”

Some people don’t like asking their date about what they do for a living and if that’s how you roll, just ask what they like about their job. This way, you can get an idea of what their job entails as well as get to know what they find challenging or boring about their job. You can also get an idea of whether they are financially stable, in between jobs, etc.


“What Makes You Smile?”

Assuming you’re not a first date with a total liar, this question can give you an idea what your date finds endearing or funny. Do they take pleasure in weird things like people tripping on sidewalks or a Will Ferrell movie? You might get to discover a different side to your date that you never would have guessed!


“do You Have Any Brothers or Sisters?”

Asking your date whether they have siblings can tell you whether they are an only child or where they fall in birth order. Some experts believe that birth order can tell you a lot about a person’s personality and character. While this might not be a foolproof method, you can still tell if your date has a big family and maybe even which family members they are close to without getting too personal.


“Are You a Dog or Cat Person?”

If you’re an animal lover, your pet is probably like a member of your family. If you date someone who doesn’t care for your type of pet, is allergic to it or doesn’t like animals at all, it’s best to know upfront. There’s always the possibility that your pet will grow on them, but if your puppy likes to ride shotgun everywhere and your date doesn’t like dogs, it’s likely going to become a problem.


“if You Could Move to Another City, Where Would You Go?”

Although this is a hypothetical question, your date’s answer still gives you some insight on what their lifestyle is like or how they’d like it to be. Are they a big city person with big city dreams or a do they dream of the day they can spend their days on a remote farm with their horses? Would they be comfortable just picking up and moving somewhere or do they like stability?


“What’s the Best Dish You’ve Ever Had?”

Talking about food on a first date is fairly safe and who doesn’t like to eat? Asking your date about their best dish can tell you what they like, if they are adventurous when they dine and can give you some ideas on where to go on date number two!


“What Are You Really Passionate about?”

If your first date is going swimmingly well, feel free to ask your date some deeper questions and ask about their passions in life. This question isn’t to determine what your date’s goals are, unless that’s what you want to know, it’s merely to find out if they have an interest in something that they are very serious about.


“do You Drink or Smoke?”

If you aren’t already aware whether your date drinks alcohol, smokes or uses any drugs, ask! There’s always the possibility that your date partakes in something that you don’t agree with or personally do not want to be around and it’s better to get it all out there. On the other hand, if you love to drink and your date is a teetotaler, you’re going to want to know before you sign up for a wine tasting date.

It’s a first date so you want to keep the conversation light, but also be able to walk out of there knowing a few things about your suitor. I hope these questions gave you some ideas of your own on what to ask your date so you two have fun getting to know one another. Are there any questions you always ask on the first date?

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