Your Valentine's Day Love Horoscope ...


Your Valentine's Day Love Horoscope ...
Your Valentine's Day Love Horoscope ...

Looking for your love horoscope for Valentine's Day? As you know, a little thing called Valentine’s Day is only a week or so away! If you are in a relationship, you are probably wondering about what kind of surprises and plans your partner has in store, and if you are single, you will probably be wondering if there are any unexpected surprises coming your way from a secret crush! Lots of these things are up in the air and unknown, but if you have faith in the wonders of astrology, then the stars definitely can allude to some answers to either confirm your suspicions or give you some clues! Here is your love horoscope for Valentine's Day.

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You can expect some major changes to be happening in your life this month, which could definitely mean the start of something great when it comes to romance!



Pretty much everywhere you turn this month, you are going to be met with love! Both Venus and Mercury move into Pisces in February, so can expect to have a brilliant Valentine’s Day as well as the other 27 days of the month!



You might feel like you are about to be rejected, but have faith, you will definitely be rewarded by the time Valentine’s Day comes around. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and celebrate it in the way that you want to!



This month you are going to be feeling much less stubborn than usual, which means that Valentine’s Day will bring a much softer side out in you. If you’re single, there is a good chance that you are about to meet somebody new!



A Gemini can’t go wrong this month, so trust your intuition on every situation and you will end up having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Trust your gut, even if it is trying to get you to take a romantic chance that you never usually would.



Mercury is shifting your perspective, which means that you have a chance to be really playful and creative. Do something artistic to celebrate Valentine’s Day: you might catch your partner by pleasant surprise!



For a Leo, this time of the year is usually more about self-love than about romantic love, but if you manage to get on top of your emotions and provide a stable base for yourself, you will be able to enjoy a lot of fun around Valentine’s Day.



You need to make sure that you are stimulated intellectually as well as romantically during this time of the year. Think of some extra creative things to do with your partner on February 14th.



Venus is set to bring out your compassionate side during February, so no matter how your Valentine’s Day pans out, the positive thing is that you will be in the right frame of mind to forgive and forget if something doesn’t quite go to plan!



A lot of personal growth will be happening to you this month, including romantically and sexually. It’s important to remember that these two things don’t always have to come together, so don’t be afraid to have a little no strings fun if you want to!



Lots of suitors are going to be in the hunt for your attention this Valentine’s, so make sure that you pick somebody who is worth your time! You only get one Valentine’s Day per year, so make it count.



Try to fight against your logical nature to let your heart make a few decisions this month. Valentine’s Day isn’t something that can be picked apart intellectually, it’s just all about having fun and going with the flow!

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