Your Zodiac Love Forecast for 2016 ...

By Neecey

Will you find a new love this year? Maybe you’ll take your relationship to the next level? Are you waiting for that all important question to be popped? Could it be this year you’re destined to have more fun being single? Is there a chance you will make the move and split up from your current relationship? Let’s see your zodiac sign’s forecast for love in 2016.

Table of contents:

  1. aries (from march 21 to april 19)
  2. taurus (from april 20 to may 20)
  3. gemini (from may 21 to june 20)
  4. cancer (from june 21 to july 22)
  5. leo (from july 23 to august 22)
  6. virgo (from august 23 to september 22)
  7. libra (from september 23 to october 22)
  8. scorpio (from october 23 to november 21)
  9. sagittarius (from november 22 to december 21)
  10. capricorn (from december 22 to january 19)
  11. aquarius (from january 20 to february 18)
  12. pisces (from february 19 to march 20)

1 Aries (from March 21 to April 19)

Aries, you’re a tough customer to please. Although you are actively looking for someone, you’ve got a large list of criteria you potential mate must meet to be considered. This can make finding your other half a little challenging. However, you are very determined, and won’t stop looking till you find the object of your desire. It might difficult, but Aries, you love a good challenge.

2 Taurus (from April 20 to May 20)

Taurus, you need someone who makes you feel safe and secure, someone who leaves you feeling strong and safe. You fully appreciate what the other person brings to a relationship, and your vast amount of patience allows you to really get to know a person before fully committing. This year, you will try a new angle, something you’ve never done before, to try to meet that special someone.

3 Gemini (from May 21 to June 20)

The most essential thing for you in a relationship, Gemini, is a partner who can communicate well. But communication isn’t everything; your partner also has to be smart and quick-minded to keep up with you. However, Geminis are notoriously indecisive and change their minds rather suddenly. Not to worry, this year will bring lots of opportunity for love - in fact, Gemini is the sign most likely to get married this year.

4 Cancer (from June 21 to July 22)

You are a sensitive soul, Cancer, and you follow your intuitions. That’s why once you’ve set your heart on someone, almost nothing will stop you from making things work with the object of your desire. However, for anyone to get close to you, they have to gain your trust. Once they have that trust, you are one of the most loyal and true signs of the zodiac. This year will be full of confidence and optimism, and love is just around the corner.

5 Leo (from July 23 to August 22)

Leos are generous people, and they shower their partners with affection. Leos are also very faithful, so their significant others usually have very little to worry about once they have gained the affection of this lion-heart. However, Leo, you need to slow down and not date around so much. To find the right one, you need to take a little time to get to know the people you’re dating a little more. Leave the one-night stands behind.

6 Virgo (from August 23 to September 22)

Virgos will analyze everything, including their future partners. Virgos may be critical at first when they are dating someone new, but that’s simply because they are thinking with the logical side of their brain instead of the emotional side. They will watch the actions of their date, and if their date passes the test, Virgo can become a thoughtful and loving partner. This year, Virgos will meet someone or be in a relationship with someone and as a couple, this duo will achieve great things.

7 Libra (from September 23 to October 22)

Libras are all about balance. You want to balance between work and home, and also between your personal lives and relationships. Even when in love, you try to keep focused and not get too caught up in love’s craziness. When you’re looking for love, the most important quality in your partner is honesty. Once you’ve been lied to, it’s very difficult to regain your trust. This year, your charm will lead you right into the arms of the person who will complete your relationship goals.

8 Scorpio (from October 23 to November 21)

Scorpios are hard to get to know completely, and they love their secrets. They have purpose and the self control to realize their goals. If Scorpio has the goal to find new love, it will happen. Although Scorpios don’t like to compromise, they will be loyal and loving when matched with a patient partner. This year Scorpios can look forward to passionate encounters.

9 Sagittarius (from November 22 to December 21)

Sagittarians are known for their outgoing personalities, and are especially attracted to those with whom they can have intellectual conversations. They are one of the few signs that think intelligence is as important as looks. Although Sagittarians have had a hard time when dating, they are extremely optimistic and keep trying. For every problem there is a solution. This year, although you might feel unsure, you optimism will iron out the problems you might encounter.

10 Capricorn (from December 22 to January 19)

Capricorns are usually the dominant ones in a relationship, but not in a bad way - they are natural leaders and do not depend on others to guide their way. They persevere when others fall away, and they work hard to attain their goals. This year, Capricorns must try to remain emotionally stable in relationships and not allow people to affect them who aren’t worth their time and energy. Dedicate your efforts toward yourself and not pleasing others.

11 Aquarius (from January 20 to February 18)

Aquarians tend to be somewhat overly generous in their relationships. They are always looking out for the interests of their significant others. This concern isn’t limited to their lovers, but to the whole world, so their partners will have to be able to keep up with all their humanitarian endeavors. Aquarius, you seek people from whom you can gain knowledge, and this year you need to seek connections, because this will lead you to the one you seek.

12 Pisces (from February 19 to March 20)

Pisces are imaginative, romantic people who neither want to hurt others nor be hurt by others. Their hearts are on their sleeves. They can be indecisive when dating because they are always on the fence about taking risks. This year, Pisces, you are in luck. When you are not looking, love will sneak up on you. Don’t be afraid to make the right decision and go for it, and don’t give up if it looks like things aren’t going to work out.

Is this what you were hoping to read for your star sign? What’s your personal forecast for love in 2016?

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