7 Common Relationship Fights That Are Ruining Your Relationship ...

Are you aware that most of the fights you have are common relationship fights?

Most fights tend to fall into one of these categories and if left unchecked, they can ruin your relationship.

If you realize that your fights are common relationship fights, then you may be able to see them coming and stop them in their tracks.

Let’s see how many fights you have that fall into one of these categories.

1. Fights over Money

Fighting over money is one of the common relationship fights that people have.

The reason why is that money is a very volatile subject.

We all have different views on it.

We think differently about how to spend it, invest it and save it.

Trying to see your partner’s view point can help you out here.

Try to be open-minded when they are sharing their thoughts on money.

Fights over in-laws