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Did you know there are things you should think over before saying yes to a second date? You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble if you do. Who wants to end up on a second date, wishing they had stayed home? Consider these things before saying yes to a second date to make sure you are on the right track.

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Are You Still Interested?

Before saying yes to a second date, think about if you are still interested. If your first date was a total snooze-fest, you may want to pass. Of course, there is always the school of thought that believes in second chances and that is a wise thought, too. But if you know that your interest level is zilch, it might be wise to politely decline. That is better than ending up on a second date and berating yourself for accepting.


Are You Just Bored?

Are you accepting a second date out of boredom? Maybe because you don’t have any other plans and it seems like a better option for your Saturday night? If you wouldn’t accept the date if you had other plans, it might be a better decision to say no. That is a kinder option than allowing the guy to think that the date is going somewhere. There is also always the option of saying you would love to go out, but to hang out as friends rather than going out as a date. This takes the pressure off of both of you.


Did You Have Fun on Date One?

If you didn’t have fun on the date, you might want to pass. Did your date put you to sleep? Did they have you constantly wanting to check the time to see when you could get home? Dates are supposed to be fun. If you aren’t having fun, there is no need to keep going on dates with this individual. Move on.


Was He a Gentleman?

For me, a guy that isn’t a gentleman just doesn’t make the cut. We all have different standards, though. But a guy that you date should treat you with respect and courtesy, at a minimum. Remember, ladies, the guy is at his best when you are dating and that is especially true for the first few dates. If he didn’t open doors for you and walked you right through mud puddles while holding your hand, give that some thought.


Was He Interested in You?

Did the guy seem interested in you? Or did he just seem interested in talking about himself? Talking about yourself is a good thing for you both to do on dates. After all, how else are you going to get to know each other? But if you couldn’t get a word in edgewise and he didn’t have any interest in getting to know you, consider that point before saying yes to a second date.


Did He Take a Second Date for Granted?

Did the guy just take a second date for granted? If he did, that is no reason not to go out with him again, but you might want to put him off a bit. There is some value in playing hard to get, especially if he seems to think that you are waiting at his beck and call. If he is interested, he’ll try again.


What Are the Plans?

Saying no because you don’t like the plans for a second date isn’t so much of a good thing. But it is okay to give an input. If you don’t like what the guy has planned then you can suggest something else. You could even say that you aren’t into whatever activity he had in mind but there are other things you would enjoy. You should both enjoy the date, right?

You don’t have to automatically say yes to a second date. Consider these things before you do. But there are other things to consider, too; what do you think is important to think over before saying yes?

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I agree to you Nicole, I found one myself too, who is very, very respectful and gentlemen-like

At first I thought chivalry was dead.. but I recently just found an awesome great guy from dating that is a true gentlemen. Ladies don't give up on finding your man!

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