How to Stop ✋🏼 Him from Looking 👁👁 at Other Girls 👱🏼‍👱🏿‍ ...

Every guy is guilty of looking at other women.

It's natural.

But how much is too much?

If your man is repeatedly looking at other women, that is disrespectful to both you and your relationship.

Here are the top ways to stop him from looking at other girls.

1. Ask Him if He's Looking for a New Girlfriend

If you are confident but not angry with your words, this will bring to light what he's doing right in front of you.

Ask him if he thinks she's hot directly, and then ask if he's stupid enough to look at other women while you're right there.

You'll let him know that you see him doing this and you're not okay with it, which should make him think before he acts.

Have a Serious Talk