6 Surefire Ways to Make Him Crazy over You ...


6 Surefire Ways to Make Him Crazy over You ...
6 Surefire Ways to Make Him Crazy over You ...

If you do these things when you find a guy, you will instantly make him crazy over you! If you are already dating, try these tips with your current boyfriend and you'll see that these ways to make him crazy about you work like a charm!

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Loyalty πŸ”

Men love a fine girl that can keep her legs closed, flirting contained, and knows how to turn another man down when he is trying to get her. If you show him your loyalty he will show you a side of him that no one have ever known!


Loyalty doesn't just mean being faithful. It's about being his confidante, his safe haven from the rest of the world. When a guy knows he can trust you with his secrets and his vulnerabilities, it tightens the bond between you. It's like he's found his partner in crime, someone who stands by him unconditionally. This level of trust and dedication makes him realize that you're not just another fleeting romance, but a keeper; and that's a surefire way to deepen his affection and desire for you.


Body πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

No matter if you are pear-shaped or if you have an hourglass figure, owning your body is key. The body you were given is the one you have to deal with it, so make it work for you! Make yourself feel sexy before trying to make someone think it’s sexy. Do what you got to! Show him you can work that body! Confidence is key.


Embrace every curve and celebrate your uniqueness. Confidence radiates from within, and when you love yourself, it's impossible for others not to feel that energy. Twirl in that dress you adore, strut in those heels that make you feel invincible, or simply smile at your reflection with genuine love. Your assurance in who you are becomes an undeniable allureβ€”it's magnetic and absolutely irresistible. Practicing self-love rituals, affirmations, and positive body language can fortify this mindset, making you unstoppable in your own skin.


Confidence πŸ’

This is a given. Be confident in your personal interest first! Then show him you can handle whatever comes your way! Show him nothing can phase you because you got you when it’s all over! Make him lose his mind over your strength!


Confidence radiates and is utterly contagious. Strut with your head held high, and when you speak, let each word be laced with self-assurance. It's not just about being unfazed; it's about knowing that you're a catch, too. Remember, a little mystery wrapped in confidence can be intriguing. Mix poise with a touch of playfulness, and watch as he becomes utterly enchanted by your dynamic persona. Always keep in mind, confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear – so put it on every day, and he'll be spellbound!


Attitude πŸ‘Έ

A β€œBad Bish” attitude can make a man feel he has a Queen on his arm. I say this because which Queen ever cares about what other people think or say? Not one! This is because she is the prize and whatever she says goes! Do you and show him you’re the only one that matters!


By embodying a confident and self-assured presence, you radiate the kind of positive energy that is irresistible. Remember, a Queen rules her domain with grace and aplomb, and so can you in your relationship. When you stand firm in your convictions and values, you reveal your inner strength. Be fearless in your own self-worth. By doing so, your man will see a partner worthy of his utmost respect and admiration, a woman who needs no validation because she knows her inherent value. And like a true sovereign, what you bring to the table is non-negotiable excellence.


Let Him Know πŸ—£

Men are really slow in the sense that most of them don’t know what we want - even if it’s right in front of them! Tell him how you feel whether it’s good or bad! Let him know what you wish he would do and what he does that you love! Being upfront with him will let him know everything he needs to know!


Communication is key, and it's particularly pivotal in romance. Don't shy away from expressing your desires and concerns. If there's a specific way you want to be treated or a particular trait that makes your heart flutter, make it known. Most men appreciate when their partner is clear about her needs. This doesn't mean you should bombard him with demands, but rather share your thoughts with kindness and clarity. Remember, a healthy relationship is built on mutual understanding and respect. So, put your worries aside and speak your truthβ€”he’s likely more receptive than you think.


Tricks Are for Men 🍭

It’s not fair but we have to work more than the men at times... Men get distracted easily, so always find new tricks to keep him entertained! Once you get him where you want him you won’t have to work as hard!

What are your tips for driving a man crazy over you? Tells us in the comments!

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