7 Ways to Steal His Heart when Using Social Media as Your Medium ...


7 Ways to Steal His Heart when Using Social Media as Your Medium ...
7 Ways to Steal His Heart when Using Social Media as Your Medium ...

If you’re looking for ways to get a guy interested on social media, I’m here to help. You can message, tweet, link, post or like your way into anyone’s life but with everybody doing it, how do you stand out to that one guy you really want to connect with? How do you differentiate yourself from the pack when there is enormous competition for his attention? To get him interested on social media, you need to be smart, and bold and get noticed. It’s not always easy, but it can be done, so, let’s get on with it. Here are the best ways to get someone’s attention on social media:

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Give Him Some Silent Treatment

person, musician, screenshot, singing, If you want him to take notice, then spend a period of time liking his photos and statuses, and then all of a sudden stop. Trust me, he will notice that you are no longer giving him the praise or attention that you once were, and he will miss it! It will most likely result in him stalking your profile to see if you are spending your time liking anyone else’s content instead, and it will hopefully inspire him to to a little more work of his own in trying to grab your attention!


By backing off after a flurry of online interaction, you subtly shift the dynamic, positioning yourself just out of reach. This maneuver is a gentle nudge to his curiosity - think of it as a digital version of 'playing hard to get'. If he's interested, this noticeable absence of your usual likes and comments creates a void that he's likely to want to fill. He might start engaging more actively with your content, or even slide into your DMs with a message. Your hiatus might spark just the right amount of intrigue, prompting him to take the next step.


Pay Attention to His Interests

photo shoot, Reading through someone’s social media is the easiest way outside of a conversation to find out what makes them tick. Take a look at his timeline and you will be able to see what he likes and dislikes, and then you might be able to get his attention if you start to post a few things that are directly related to what he likes. It doesn’t have to be things you don’t care about, just find a common interest and make a big deal out of it so he notices!


Dig a little deeper into past posts and comments to see which topics light up his world. It could be anything from a favorite sports team to a dream travel destination. Engage with his interests by sharing content related to what he loves, or even better, create content that speaks to those passions. Uploading a photo of that local game, or a throwback to one of his favorite spots can bridge a connection. Remember, authenticity is key! Show genuine enthusiasm, and let that shared love for a hobby, band, or movie spark a lively and engaging exchange.


Check His Mutual Friends

cartoon, anime, organ, sense, screenshot, If the guy is somebody that you have only just noticed, the first thing you should do is check out if you have any mutual friends, and if so, who? If he is linked with people that you know a little better, then you could possibly message them to get an inside scoop before making a move, or better still, get your mutual friend to big you up or set up an introduction that doesn’t feel so anonymous and awkward!


Make Your Presence Known

human action, person, finger, hand, sign language, Going through a profile or Instagram and just liking things can feel a bit distant and anonymous sometimes, so if you want to stick in his mind, it is a good idea to actually comment on a few things every now and them. Commenting gives him more impetus to reply to you and get some communication going, and he will most likely click on your profile picture to check you out!


Don’t Be Fake with Your Profile Picture

dance, carnival, festival, I get it, we all choose our very best picture to have as our profile avatar, but when it comes to trying to get the attention of your crush, you shouldn’t be showcasing a photo that barely looks anything like you. This kind of false representation definitely isn’t the best way to go in to trying to start a connection with somebody!


Be Clever with Emojis

, Emojis are one of the best inventions to come out of social media, and the little pictures can be used to say more than words sometimes! Emojis feel more like friendly forms of flirting, and adding a few smiley faces and cheeky objects can be seen as much more approachable than simply writing out your feelings at an early stage. Use the right emojis to speak to his sense of humor and he will definitely want to continue interacting with you!


Take It Private at the Right Time

stage, screenshot, singing, nightclub, disco, Do some of your initial connecting and flirting out on public timelines, but when you want to let him know that you are interested in a more personal way, shoot him a private message and see how he responds. Guys love to have their egos massaged, so a quick little DM is always going to rub them the right way!

We’d love to hear ways you have attracted a guy on social media. Was it a success? Do share!

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