7 Reasons to Be Honest with Your Partner ...


Being in a relationship takes work, and you should be aware of then reasons to be honest with your partner,so you run into the fewest amount of problems.

One mistake many women make in a relationship is they fear being 100% honest out of upsetting their partner;

perhaps from old debt they have, past relationship troubles, current financial problems, family secrets, or bad habits they may have that they don’t want their partner to know about.

If you can relate, keep in mind these 7 reasons to be honest with your partner.

It’s important to keep your relationship healthy, strong, and free from as many bumps along the road as possible.

1. Trust

One of the most important reasons to be honest with your partner is so they can trust you.

Not only will you opening up to them show them they can trust you, but they’ll also be more inclined to trust you with their issues as well.

Even if they get upset at first, once they calm down, they’ll see you as more trustworthy.

Secrets Always Come out


Honesty and Loyality are important in a relationship. To tell someone that you love him/her and betray the trust is the most cruel thing that you've done to a person.
At the end they will find out anyway. So be completely honest and that also, makes a better relationship.
I think it's also better for you, because when you have secrets, you have stress and you're daily scared your secrets will come out. It's wors for your heart and mental health. I'm sure you'll feel much better and luckier when you have a true relationship.
Maxence Arsenault
Because its your partner that all
This is so true like without honesty there's no relationship
April Turner
@Jacelyn I feel the same way my husband and myself grew-up together. We meet in the THRID grade until graduation. I'm not scare to tell Clayton High School in Clayton, North Carolina 1993! I know we are very close to the BIG 40, he hits that this year he is one year older than me. Now BACK on the subject honest, IS what we BASE our marriage on, this is sadly my second his first and as he said the ONLY. Dishonest on my happily ex-husband's pair is the BIGGEST reason why we lasted only 81/2 years. I was like we can work it out, NO WAY IN the hot house. I am one that my parents will tell you April saids she is BRUTALLY HONEST, and she will not back down. She is only SCARE AND LOVES HIM MORE THAN US HER PARENT'S AND HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST! The only reason I say scare is I am not ready to die, that's all. Ms. Javelin if there is any way where just you and me can run our months please let me know.
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