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9 Ways to save Your Long Distance Relationship ...

By Laura

If you are looking for ways to save your long distance relationship, I am willing to be you are in a bit of a panic right now! Firstly, you sort of need to resolve that panic. The chances are you guys can work things out, you just need to take a couple of approaches. The ways to save your long distance relationship that will work may depend on where the problems are coming from. Not all relationships can be saved, but it is certainly worth trying!

1 Address Paranoia with a Clear Mind

In my opinion, our generation suffers massively from relationship paranoia. Unfortunately, the technologies we benefit from to hold our relationships together can also make us paranoid. For some people, Facebook is a huge source of worries. One of the best ways to save your long distance relationship is to calmly ask yourself whether you really have anything to be paranoid about. The chances are that person who just added them as a friend isn't in the slightest bit interested in anything else. Forget about the small things, and move on.

2 Make an Effort

Some of us are more laid back than others. In my opinion, once you are serious enough to class a connection as a 'relationship,' your contact needs to be regular. This means calls, texts, Skyping, long as you have some form of contact, it is going to make the other person feel wanted. If a lack of contact is bugging you, talk to your other half about it. The chances are they are laid back and didn't even know you were upset!

3 Share Concerns

With that in mind, always share concerns. Nine times out of ten, that huge problem is actually something small. What will make the problem huge is not talking about it and letting it fester in your mind. When those problems do fester, you are likely to explode. Always share your worries, otherwise you may never work past them.

4 Accept Struggles

Some people are in long-distance relationships because their partner is in the army, or they work away for some reason or another. I have a friend at my university who is married to a guy who works out on the sea a lot. He is away more than he is at home, but they are incredibly happy! Before she went into that relationship, she knew what his job was. Accepting the struggles work can create is a great way to keep your relationship secure.

5 Begin Compromising

One of the main reasons a long distance relationship may fail is a lack of compromise. Are you the one always going to see them? Or is it the other way around? How would you like that to change? If there are strains, address whether your visits are coming with the right balance. Realistically, if you want this relationship to last, you're both going to have to compromise on where you live in the future anyway.

6 Make Plans

You may not be ready to move closer to one another yet, but making some form of plans with the one you love can inject confidence back into the relationship. This doesn't have to mean big plans. You could plan a weekend together, or even a day. In fact, even a Skype date is better than nothing! I know that I personally always like to look forward to something. If you don't have plans, neither of you will feel as though you have something worth saving!

7 Learn to Sacrifice

There may come a time when you need to sacrifice something. If you are experiencing problems, do you need to sacrifice something to make it work? Sacrificing is different to compromising, because you are going to give something up. If your other half seems down, ask him or her why that is. There may be something they need you to give up to feel secure. Tread carefully here, there is no point in making yourself miserable.

8 Talk Honestly

If you guys were in a relationship and living near each other, you would probably consider counselling. The chances are, you could find an online counselor to help you. If that isn't an option right now, talk honestly and openly. Give your partner ten minutes to air their concerns, then you do the same. It's amazing what individuals overlook until they begin talking to each other honestly!

9 Take a Break

Sometimes you need time apart to clear your head. Taking a break doesn't always mean breaking up. It can mean not having contact for a few days. By the end of this, you will know whether you want to save the relationship or not. Even better, you will have both had enough time to think things through and talk everything out.

A lot of relationships can be saved easily. As with many aspects of life, you need to exercise patience and tread carefully. Long distance relationships always present new challenges, but that doesn't mean you can't overcome them. If you have any relationship saving tips, what are they?

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