7 Relationship Problems You Can Fix with Talking ...


How many times do you hear or read that communication is important in a relationship? Well, it’s no wonder because it is. It’s super important. Talking helps you understand each other and it’s only through communication that you can understand the problems in your relationship so you can take remedial action. Some problems you can fix by changing the way you act, others you can fix by talking.

1. He Keeps Looking at Other Women when You Are around

Guess what, ladies? He also looks at women when you are not around. This is not a generalization. Men are biologically programmed to look at other women because of the testosterone flowing through their body. But, here is the upside. Despite the fact he spends a few seconds every day looking at other women, it takes him just as long to forget about those women.

You may spend the rest of the day angry with your man because the woman he looked at has bigger boobs or better legs than you, but the fact is he cannot remember a thing about the women in question.

This is one of the relationship problems you can fix with talking because all you have to explain to him is that you find it a little hurtful and disrespectful when he does it in front of you. He will still do it, but he will rein it in a little more. If he leers, then you have another problem, but innocently looking at other women (looking, not touching) will become less prevalent.

He’s More Irritable, Argumentative and Childish since You Gave Birth


Agree with all of the comments said above. What is wrong with you?? Lol
Um the comment about pretending to choke is a HUGE no. DO NOT pretend to be choking if you aren't! You could get seriously injured by by the life saving measures that others WILL perform on you. Also ...
I feel like this article acts as if porn isn't a big deal. It is. Not only is it disrespectful, but it is also implying that the woman does not provide enough sexual satisfaction for him and he needs ...
My boyfriend and I get off all the time with each other and we stills masturbate. No big deal. I like the way I make feel too.
Beryl Stokes
Who needs a man who keeps lying ? Does anyone need a man who perpetually looks at other women ? Plenty more fish in the sea who do not behave like this.
Porn a big no no it's disrespectful ! I don't get the hugging bit, I just ask for a hug and get one
Lil hez
@JP thanks for clearing that up. I think this article sterotyped men. And me personally my man watching porn in a relationship is an absolute not. Sorry but I want a man who respects and values me
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