The Trick to Ending up in a Serious Relationship ...


Serious relationships can be hard to find.

If you've never been in one before, then there are a few things you should know, because they differ from the way that flings and casual hookups work.

If you're finally ready for something "real," here's the trick to ending up in a serious relationship:

1. Find Someone else Who Wants a Serious Relationship

It doesn't matter how badly you want a serious relationship, because if you only date guys who are terrified of commitment, things are always going to remain casual.

That's why you need to search for a partner who is on the same page as you.

If you're ready to commit, then you need a man who's also ready to commit.

Otherwise, you're going to try to rush into things while your partner begs you to take it slow.

Make Room in Your Schedule for Him


The Queen of Bitches
@shaker I just know u r a Muslim. That is what my family keeps telling Me that dating is not allowed but I am not sure that is true. Is it?
@zee I'm with you on that one, but my religion is what restricts dating so that's why.
The Queen of Bitches
@zee if I forget to write ur name it mean I should not get the thanks and appreciation 😔 okay.
@Francesca rose and Peony blue, thank you guys so much :) I really appreciate it!
peony blue
@zee don't be sad you have plenty of time. Enjoy the single life whilst u have it.
peony blue
Or just enjoy ur time with this man and if it is meant to be then it will happen.
Francesca Rose
@zee, there's nothing wrong with that. Society expect us to grow up fast and to be in a relationship when it's not the right time for us to be in one. There's a time and place for everything...I am 26 and I never had a serious boyfriend. But I am happy for who I am and what I am becoming. But in the long run, I want to have a serious, lasting relationship.
Carly Lynn
The Queen of Bitches
And u can't be completely honest to ur future husband if u already had relationships in the past. So choose the right guy and wait for him.
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