7 Small Things That Are Wrecking Your Relationship in a Big Way ...


7 Small Things That Are Wrecking Your Relationship in a Big Way ...
7 Small Things That Are Wrecking Your Relationship in a Big Way ...

We all want lasting relationships. To do so we have to form strong bonds, but sometimes things affect those bonds that we aren’t even aware of. When we let too many things impact our relationships they start to crumble and fall apart. Realizing what might impact your relationship early on is the key to saving it from disaster.

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Poor Communication

When we start a new relationship we are all ears. We can’t wait to hear more about our partner. We want to learn all we can. As we settle into the relationship we slowly start to pay less and less attention to what is being said. It’s a sad thing really. Make sure you spend some good time each day talking with your partner and really listen to what each other has to say.


Taken for Granted

At first we put a lot of focus on our relationship. We really want to build things up. We plan dates, create romantic moments, and make each other feel special. As we get comfortable some of that extra relationship work takes a back seat. We start to take each other for granted. What have you done lately to show your significant other that you really do care?



I bet when you first started dating, you couldn’t keep your hands off your man. Every chance you got, you were snuggled up, stealing a kiss, or holding hands. It’s normal for the spark to fade a little, but you've got to keep the romance and intimacy high. It’s not just about sex. It’s about showing special attention to your man that no one else gets from you.


Sharing Interests

Maybe you are all about the ballet and your sweetie loves baseball. You don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on how you want to spend your time and that’s okay. Having a few shared interests will help strengthen a relationship. Even just spending time doing what the other likes is nice. Agree to go a game if he agrees to take you to see your favorite ballet.



Sometimes we act out of jealousy and don’t even realize it. You’ve been there before. Your man’s phone rings and you go into detective mode trying to figure out who is on the other end of the call by listening to half the conversation. When he gets off the phone, without thinking you are all like, “Yeah, you’re going out Friday? Says who?” When really he was making dinner plans with his mom. Slow down, killer! Give the guy a chance.

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Bad Moods

Ugh! We all get them, right? Some of us just aren’t morning people and others can’t function past a certain point in the evening. We get irritable and our responses to people are short and wicked. My husband is like this. We quickly established a rule that he cannot speak to me until he has been awake for at least an hour. Any conversation before that turns into a fight.


Different Ideas of Humor

You and your partner might have a different sense of humor. While you like jokes that are a little dry and self-deprecating, your fellow may like crude humor. What can sometimes happen is that your jokes offend each other. Laughter is always good in a relationship, but make sure you aren’t humiliating each other in the process by playing on insecurities or private moments.

Keep this list in mind as you work on your relationship. If you are going through a rough spot, see if any of these problems may be impacting you and your man. If so, sit down and talk it out. See where you can make changes and help each other better.

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What are sum things i can do for my boyfriend to make him feel special again?

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