8 Things No One Tells You about Marriage ...


At twenty-something you believe you know everything, and you just might – except all the things no one tells you about marriage. I was 23 when I jumped the broom and 27 when the dust settled after an unexpected divorce. Needless to say, I learned good lessons during married life, many of which I wish I'd known going in. If you're marriage-minded, here are eight things no one tells you about marriage that will help you prepare for the journey.

1. For Better is Real, and for Worse is Real, Too

Once you've tied the knot, there will be days when you can't get enough of Mr. Right. There will also be days when you wish he would forget his way home. One of the things no one tells you about marriage is that this feeling is normal. Relationships ebb and flow and when you spend 24/7 with another human being, you'll inevitably experience a combination of really blissful moments and other times your mate will try your very last frayed nerve. You will want to run away, but ultimately you will remember love is enduring and you will endure.

He Snores, Farts and Poops. so do You


@Kayleigh number 8 means a time out, as in you don't have to be joined at the hip constantly. A little space in a relationship is good! Especially if you're dating an introvert.
Sapna Pathak
Post kids life changes 360 degree specially for the woman physically psychologically it's not the same for guy
Good points! However I would add in "have faith in eachother" a married couple has to believe in each other. You can't just run about assuming that he's cheating on you just because. And vice versa t...
I actually liked this for the most part and felt it was informative. Thank you
are you saying all of this as advice? like things you wish you would have known that you realize now?
I think they mean in #8 that it's okay to go and do your own thing and be on your own, without him.
number 3 so true especially after having kids just a nice kiss or a cuddle is enough
It definitely just means that when two people are dating it's easy to go your separate ways after the date and meet up some other time. When your married, there is no going your separate ways for the night because you share a home now.
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