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7 Ways to Stay Happy Being Single ...

By Jessica

Have you ever struggled with the ways to stay happy being single? I have close friends who have different perspectives about what it means for them to be single and while it may seem lonely at times, there are definite ways to stay happy being single that also improve your life! Each season of life has challenges as well as blessings- here are some of those blessings if you currently find yourself without a mate!

1 Focus on Improving Yourself

Without the distraction of a relationship, there's the added opportunity for you to improve yourself- your personal strengths, gifts, skills and personality characteristics. One of the ways to stay happy being single is to just focus on you and bettering yourself! When the right person does come along, they'll meet a better version of you because you took the time for self-improvement.

2 Don't Be Envious of Others

It's hard not to be a jealous when you see all your friends and family members in happy relationships while you're currently single. It may feel like you're the only one who's single but you're definitely not! There are plenty of people who are in the same boat as you. Being envious of others simply robs you of the happiness you deserve- it literally adds nothing to your life and devalues the good things you DO have!

3 Enjoy Your Freedom

The freedom to do whatever you want when you want is really only appreciated when it's a rare occurrence. When you're single, you're free to be spontaneous and plan your days and weekends how you like without the consideration of a significant other. Although having someone to share your experiences with is a joy, it's a blessing to have your own time to yourself, too. So appreciate your freedom while you can!

4 Do Things for You

Being single is the perfect time for you to do things just for you. Decorate your living space how you like, create-save-spend your money however you want, get a mani/pedi just for your own enjoyment, or a fresh new haircut that YOU love!

5 Start a New Hobby

Have you ever wanted to start a new hobby but kept putting it off for various reasons? Well now is the time to start one while free of the responsibilities of a relationship. It will be something to focus on, set goals towards and add something inspiring to enrich your life with! My dream hobby would be to play the piano, which isn't feasible at this stage in my life. I will however encourage my son to take lessons when he's older!

6 Appreciate Your Life at Its Current Stage

So often we forget about the beautiful moments that are right in front if us. Instead of wishing you were in a relationship, take time to appreciate where you're at right now. Sometimes when you stop wishing for things and chasing after the future, life has a funny way of placing them in your lap at the right moment.

7 Recognize the Importance of Timing

Timing is everything, especially in regards to a romantic relationship. It takes time to be attracted to someone; time to develop real feelings; time to cultivate a relationship; time to find just the right person at the right time in your life. So don't fret, be patient and recognize that life and relationships take time!

I hope these points inspired you to stay happy even in your singleness! Take a step back, look at your life and tell yourself that you have an abundance of blessing and love from friends and family and so much more to be thankful for. Love will happen when it happens. So ladies, what tips do you recommend to our single readers to stay happy and vibrant while desiring a relationship?

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