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We have all experienced good days and bad days with our significant other but there are healthy and passionate ways to strengthen your relationship. It’s easier said than done, but try not to dwell on a previous argument or let any negative energy between you two get in the way in the future. These powerful ways to strengthen your relationship will mend a broken heart as well as protect it in the future!

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Keep Your Relationship between the Two of You

One of the most important ways to strengthen your relationship is to NOT share it with everyone. That’s right, ladies. Gushing about your crush or boyfriend 24/7 to your girlfriends can do more harm than good. If you are looking for other people’s advice or feedback about a situation, you will never be able to resolve the issue with your guy the way that YOU should. Enjoy sharing stories with your friends, but try to keep the private things private.


Become Best Friends

Love and affection are the most powerful forces in the world. Become best friends with your man before jumping into a serious relationship and you will see just how strong your connection and bond is before becoming physical. Friendship is truly the foundation of a healthy and long-lasting relationship.


Encourage Each Other

A healthy relationship means uplifting and encouraging your guy, just as he should be uplifting and encouraging you. It’s inevitable that you will disagree or argue about certain things, but keeping a positive attitude together will strengthen your relationship every single day. You both should compliment each other’s strengths and weakness to establish a true harmony of being in tune with one another's feelings. Encouragement is a powerful way to spark positive energy in the relationship.


Meet in the Middle

Compromising together is important. Just as the two of you should encourage each other, meeting in the middle is a way of taking a pause during an argument and agreeing to take a few minutes to cool off and recollect your thoughts. Try not to judge him for things he’s done but rather focus on how he makes you feel TODAY and what you are looking forward to tomorrow.


Always Be Open and Honest

Honesty in a relationship is sacred. This is one of the most passionate and intimate ways to get to know each other. If you embark on a relationship with someone and you either do not act as yourself or lie about yourself then you are ultimately ruining your own chances of happiness in the relationship. Being open means taking time to listen to one another and caring about how the other is feeling. If he’s had a bad day, show him how much you care by taking some time to hear what he has to say. If you are feeling down about something, he should be the first person you think about to reach out to.


Respect Each Other

Treat others the way you want to be treated. We’ve heard this saying over and over, right? Well the same principal holds true in a relationship with your guy. If the two of you do not respect each other, there will be many tears and complications in the relationship. Another passionate way to strengthen the relationship is through a mutual level of respect. Respect for each other's feelings, family, friends, values, morals, and future.


Set Goals Together

Planning trips and setting goals together can be the cherry on top of the most passionate way to strengthen your relationship. Feeling a sense of connection and oneness with your man is extremely important. Setting goals together will increase your desire to be with each other as well as increase your intention to stay together. I personally have a lot of goals that I would like to reach for myself; therefore partnering up with a guy who not only shares the same goals as me but also wants to help me achieve those goals is a definite keeper!

Couples definitely need to learn how to balance themselves as individuals as well as a unit together. This year, promise yourself to set the intention to find a guy who will become your other half and understand that even if times get hard, there are ways to reconnect and create an even stronger and more passionate bond together! How will you strengthen your relationship?

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Very very true def couldn't of been said better...

Good advice here :)

Love these tips, really helpful. :)

Everything in this artical screams the truth!

So true. My guy and I do all of these things

soooo true

If everyone tried at least a few of these things, more relationships would be successful.

All of this is so so SO true. I have done all of these things in my current relationship, and visa verse, and this has been the best and most successful relationship I've ever been in.

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