7 Things That Make a Guy More Attractive ...


Aside from the typical personality characteristics, there are a few things that make a guy more attractive no matter what, in an instant!

Yes, we all have our own preferences and types, but ladies, let’s admit there are a few things that makes us all weak at the knees.

Some of these are definitely not deal breakers, but they are just those small things that make a guy more attractive!

1. Humor

If a guy knows how to tastefully make a girl laugh, that is a major plus!

After all, humor is one of the top things that make a guy more attractive.

If he can throw a few witty jokes here and there or even make you laugh until you start crying, he will definitely leave a good impression and automatically become more charming and attractive in your eyes!

Good Style


@MsMarvel I completely agree! If a guy is great with kids or his family that is probably the thing that makes him most attractive to me personally as I love working with kids and family is really important to me.
A gentleman who looks good next to me!! :D
Beards should be on the list too ;)
Penis size, bedroom skills, strong muscular calves, bicep &tricep;. Tall is always good. Intelligence is a big one for me.
Never used to like tattoos but there's one particular guy with a particularly gorgeous tattoo!
Δ°layda Palamut
Athletic guys are so sexy :)
British accents are so sexy!
British accents AHH
omg i thought it was just me who had a thing about guys with tattoos, i think it is so sexy, i have some too :)
Guys who are good with kids!!
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