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7 Things Women Are Insecure about That Men Wont Even Notice ...

By Holly

There's no need to freak out over your crush potentially noticing little, embarrassing details about yourself, because most of the things women are insecure about men rarely notice. So stop worrying over whether he's going to turn you down, because of one minor flaw. He probably thinks that you're way more beautiful than you give yourself credit for. In order to stop worrying, here are a few common things women are insecure about that men rarely notice:

Table of contents:

  1. Your chipped nails
  2. Your roots
  3. Your stretch marks
  4. Your clothes
  5. Your mascara
  6. Your eyebrows
  7. Your jewelry

1 Your Chipped Nails

He probably won't even notice the color of your nails, let alone whether or not they're chipped. He'll be paying attention to more important things, like the body attached to those nails. Having a botched manicure or pedicure is one of the things women are insecure about, but most men won't even bat an eye at chipped nails. As long as those fingers are intertwined with his, who cares how messy they look?

2 Your Roots

Stop stressing about your roots growing back in, because some men won't even know that you dye your hair. You could be dating him for months, and he'd never know the difference, unless you spelled it out for him. He's more focused on your beautiful face that the top of your head, so don't be embarrassed.

3 Your Stretch Marks

If you're wearing next to nothing, he's not going to be focusing on your stretch marks, moles, or birth marks. He'll be too busy thinking about how lucky he is to have a beautiful woman in front of him. The little things won't matter, because all that matters is you.

4 Your Clothes

You might feel inadequate when all your friends are carrying around Coach bags while you bought something from the thrift shop, but your man won't notice. A bag is a bag to him. If he knew how much other women spent on their wardrobe and purses, he'd be proud of you for being such a good saver.

5 Your Mascara

Men will notice when you have heavy make-up on, but they don't notice little things like how well your mascara works. Your eyes will look the same to him when you're wearing dollar store cosmetics as you look when you're wearing the most expensive mascara that money can buy. So if you're splurging, do it for yourself, not for him.

6 Your Eyebrows

You want your eyebrow game to be on point, but he'll never appreciate how perfectly groomed and symmetrical they are. As long as they aren't way too overgrown or shaved all the way off, he won't notice any difference after you style them. No man is going to choose his next girlfriend based on the precision of her eyebrows, so don't kill yourself over making them look perfect.

7 Your Jewelry

You could be wearing a string of fake diamonds around your neck, and he wouldn't even notice. The only time that men will pay attention to your jewelry is when they're looking at the engagement ring that he picked out for you. Otherwise, he probably won't examine your necklace to see if you bought a replica or the real thing.

Don't let your insecurities destroy your confidence. You're a beautiful, valuable woman, despite all of the things that you consider flaws. What are you most insecure about?

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