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Whether you’ve already graduated from high school or simply feel like you haven’t met a good guy in since, like forever, this list of places to meet guys will help you change that. In the Internet age, it can be easy to simply want to download the Tinder app and start swiping, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are tons of places to meet guys, who won’t make split-second decisions about you and then try to use cheesy pick-up lines on you. Amazing, right?

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The Supermarket

I, myself, am the absolute worst offender of going to the supermarket when I’m in a rush. I don’t wear makeup, or even nice clothes. I usually go in on a mission to get out as fast as possible. Whether or not you’re like me, that doesn’t mean that the supermarket isn’t one of the most perfect places to meet guys! You never know who you’ll run into.


Class or Work

Whether you’re still in school or have a job, you could meet the greatest guy in a class or at work. There is one slight issue with meeting a guy at work or school, and that is a possible breakup. You may have to be more wary than usual with a guy you meet at work or school, simply because things could end and you’ll still have to see each other. If you’re at a job, you may have to run things by human resources before you pursue any romantic interest. If you’re still in school, think about how much longer you’ll have to see him for before making a decision.


Coffee Shop

If you have the time or job that lets you do this, hanging out in a coffee shop a la Friends is a great way to meet guys. Hey, it’s how Joey met Mike for Phoebe, right? Even if you aren’t looking for your perfect television romance, you might be surprised at the amount of different guys you’ll meet at a coffee shop!



Whether you’re looking for a guy who loves books as much as you or are simply looking for a guy who can hold a conversation about something other than his favorite kind of craft beer, you will probably find him at a bookstore. If you’re a book lover, bookstores and libraries are the perfect places to meet guys with similar interests!


The Internet

No, I don’t mean dating sites, but if that’s the kind of dating you prefer, have at it. When I say that the Internet is a great place to meet guys, I mean via social media. Social media is a great way to meet guys because you can automatically learn if you share interests or not, and you can learn a lot about someone based on their Internet presence. Plus, the possibilities are endless! You never know who you may meet!


Doing Something You Love

Find a hobby that you absolutely love to do. If you’ve already found it, find a group or club that allows you to do what you love with a group of people. If you really want to make a connection with a guy, you should probably have some shared interests, and you’ll find a guy like that if you’re doing something you personally love!


Your Own Friends

If you haven’t completely exhausted the idea of meeting one of your friends’ single guy friends, or even one of your friends’ boyfriend’s single friends, look to them. Your best friends know you better than anyone else, so they’ll be able to pick and choose who would be right for you out of the people they know!

Where do you meet guys? Are you in a relationship? Where did you meet your boyfriend? Tell me your story in the comments!

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I met my boyfriend in a coffee shop :) just don't sit there and frown, always smile at people when they say hi

I met my husband in school 😊

Not social media he might be a trafficer !'

The church is a great way as well.

I disagree with the Internet

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