7 Ways Life is Better when You Are Single ...


There are many ways life is better when you are single. Unfortunately, when you are sans a life partner, seeing them is a bit challenging! Both worlds certainly rock, but then there are times of the year when reflecting on the ways life is better when you are single makes day-to-day living much easier.

1. No Compromising

Want to eat Chinese? Then you can eat Chinese. You don't have to worry about whether your partner wants Indian, pizza, sushi...you just go ahead and eat Chinese. Out of all the ways life is better when you are single, this is the best. It means you don't have to argue with anybody, except for yourself.

No Awkward Social Situations


Frog frog wherefore art thou frog deny thy father and refuse thy name or if thou wilt not be but sworn to my lurv and I'll no longer be a capulet🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸
Hey babes it's me lov moktor. Here's some advice: being single sucks but luckily I have have found the solution. I bought a pet frog and wat can I say gurls - there was chemistry between us. I first f...
I couldn't agree more with this list
I have all these things and a boyfriend. His name is Netflix😉😘
Single life is awesome enjoy ladies and gents you got plenty of time to find a mate!
FA Dot
Being single sucks........sometimes lol
When you've been single for your whole life? I don't think so.
So when can we expect the "1000 ways life is better with a partner" article? Cos that's ultimately what most people want!
Ine Van Tuijl
I have all my time for myself... Great!
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