7 Things You'll Eventually Miss about Being Single ...

Love is a beautiful, amazing thing. However, once you find the right man for you, there are things you'll miss about being single. That's why you should enjoy it while you can! According to Women's Health Magazine here are a few things men and women miss about their single days:

1. The Alone Time

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When you're single, you have plenty of free time to do whatever you'd like. You can spend time with your friends, surf the internet, or just sleep in. Of course, after you find someone to date, most of that alone time will go out the window.

2. Not Being Judged

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The right man won't actually judge you. Of course, once you're in a relationship, you'll want to be a better person. That means you won't want to eat unhealthy and sit around all day watching TV. You'll try to be the best person you can be, which can feel exhausting.

3. Social Media Stalking

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It's actually a lot of fun looking up new boys online and finding out little things about their lives. Once you enter a relationship, your social media stalking days will come to an end. You can't look for new boys when you already have one of your own.

4. Making Your Own Decisions

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When you enter a relationship, you become part of a team. That means you need to consult your man before you make any major decisions. You can't make your own choices, because you need to make joint decisions.

5. The Excitement of Firsts

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First kisses and first dates can be terrifying, but they're oh so satisfying. You'll miss them once they're over with.

6. Being Completely Independent

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You can't leave town for a week without telling anyone where you're going. You need to talk to your partner constantly and allow him to help you out with your problems. You're not alone when you're in a relationship. You need to involve your man in your life.

7. Not Being Attached

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It's nice to have someone you love. However, it can be draining. When your man goes out of town, you'll be sick with worry. It can be hard to deal with.

What do you miss about being single?

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