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Cupid's arrow might hit you when you least expect it. After all, love is a funny thing. Some people see it coming from a mile away, but others are struck with feelings out of the blue. You'll never know which way it'll happen to you, which is why love is so exiting! Here are all of the different ways that people can fall in love:

1. Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

From the first moment you see him, you'll know that there's something special about him. You might not realize that he's the person you're meant to marry, considering you two haven't even said hello yet. But there's something intriguing about him that makes you wonder if he's the right man for you. It won't take long until you figure out that your predictions were correct.

Friends First


When you experience love at first sight there's nothing intriguing and you don't question if it's the right person for you. It is the right person for you because anyway you can't live without them. W...
#1 is not the definition of love at first sight. Love at first sight is really is LOVE, not interest, something special or even strong attraction. It's love; even if you never spoke.
#2 over here
For #5 they are not forced to develop feelings. The guy and the girl meet each other in the presence of each other's parents or friends and they decide whether or not they like each other. Get your facts right and that's why love marriages have the highest divorce rate!
Haha. I love how all the gifs are from lost.
I don't believe in love at first sight
Lost theme how fun
Ally Turpani
My current is a combo of 2 and 3
I fall under the love at first sight category.
number 5, arranged does not mean forced . Get your facts right first .
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