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Old Fashioned Dating Traditions We Should Keep Using ...

By Cris

We're in an era where modernity has changed the way romantic dates are done. In this post, we look back at old-fashioned dating traditions and share thoughts about why we think today's dating crowd should still practice them. Here they are:

1 Picking up the Girl at Her House

Wow,, you, really, went, all, Remember rom-com movies in the '80s and the '90s when the guy actually picks up the girl at her parents' house? Old fashioned? Maybe... But this time-tested tradition has that "official" feel to it knowing that the guy actually took time and effort to go to the house and 'start' the date from there. Sure, there's nothing wrong with the let's-meet-at-the-theatre-around-seven set-up but admit it, having to open the door for someone to take you out to dinner is right up on the list of exciting things to expect on a first date and... the succeeding dates too!

2 Asking Permission from the Parents

person, screenshot, interaction, I'd, like, Once upon a time, the man was expected to ask permission from the woman's parents so he could take her out to dinner. The entire itinerary of the date is discussed with the father and a curfew is set for him to take her back home in one piece. To some people, this may be too strict but hey, it worked during those times!


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3 Calling Her on the Landline Phone

leg, Back when there were no smart phones and social media was non-existent, guys called girls in their landline phones. Sweaty palms and shaky voice characterize the nervous caller as the other line rings and he waits for someone to pick up the phone. If he's lucky, then the girl herself answers the phone. If fate plays tricks on him, then he needs to brace himself as the girl's father interrogates him about the purpose and intention of the call.

4 Giving Her Flowers and Chocolates

person, hairstyle, singing, ILLYMUGGL, We're pretty sure chivalry is not yet dead. We're also sure that there are men who still gives flowers and chocolates to the women they like and love but... certainly not in a way that the men of bygone years handed flowers and chocolates to the subjects of their affection. How many of you received flowers and chocolates from your suitors or admirers?

5 Spending Time on Weekends with Her Family

, The getting-to-know-you stage wasn't all about movie dates, it actually involved the guy visiting the girl on weekends and spending time with her family. "Getting to know you" was a family affair. It definitely took a lot of guts from the guy to step inside uncharted territory!

6 Paying Respect to Her Grandparents

performing arts, dance, entertainment, sports, musical theatre, And then there's Grandpa and Grandma, whose significant presence in the family tree cannot be discounted. Suitors were not told to bring gifts, but it was considered impolite to disregard them especially when the girl grew up in a close-knit family.

7 Writing Love Letters for Her on Scented Paper

finger, art, hand, nail, What can be more old fashioned than love letters handwritten on scented paper, sealed and sent with a kiss? These days feelings are easily expressed through quotes and status posts but back in the days when pen and paper were the mighty forms of communication, writing letters was one of the best expressions of love and those letters were cherished wholeheartedly by their recipients.

8 Turning off or IgnoRing Electronics with Her

black, black and white, photograph, man, photography, There's nothing worse than being on a date and having them answer their phone and start a conversation, or worse, not even hearing what you said because they're so wrapped up in a text. Instead of spending the date on your phones, tuck them away (unless it's an emergency) and give the other person your full and undivided attention.

9 OpenIng Doors for Your Date

blond, mouth, screenshot, Did, you, A lost chivalrous act in my opinion! A guy who opens restaurant, building, and car doors for his date. Any girl is sure to notice a guy who does this since it seems to be a dead act but definitely not one that doesn't have thought behind it! It's sweet and caring in my opinion and wish it happened more often.

10 Be Clear on Feelings

action film, screenshot, have, feelings., got, AHH! The dreaded "What are we?" conversation! If more people were clear and asked some type of "going steady" question instead of "just talking" or "hanging out", we could avoid this awkward situation all together and be on the same page like they used to be!

Any old fashioned dating tradition that you experienced recently?

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