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How to Create the Most Positive Vibes in Your Relationship ...

By Alicia

Does your relationship need more positivity? Do you have a lot of negativity between you? If so, then this’s the advice you need to put positive vibes in your relationship. This gives your relationship a much better chance of happiness for you both.

Table of contents:

  1. Smile 😊
  2. Praise your man
  3. Practice gratitude
  4. Brag on him to others
  5. Manners always matter
  6. Dream big for your relationship
  7. Believe the best of each other
  8. Subtly support your partner
  9. Motivate each other
  10. Laugh at one another

1 Smile 😊

Yes, it’s simple advice but it seriously works. You can’t smile without feeling at least a little happiness. Try it and see for yourself! Not to mention that smiles are contagious. If you’re giving your man your gorgeous smile then you’re almost sure to get one in return and that means both of you are feeling just a little bit better about each other.

2 Praise Your Man

Want your man to do more romantic or loving things in your relationship? There’s a secret to getting what you want in this situation. Give him praise every time that he does something even slightly romantic or loving. Letting your man know that you notice all the amazing things about him is going to inspire him to do more. And who doesn’t love praise? This can only help your relationship.

3 Practice Gratitude

I firmly believe that gratitude should be a way of life. When you’re grateful then you’re going to feel more positive and send out more positive vibes. Gratitude is also sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you practice gratitude, the more you’re going to notice what you have to be grateful for. This’s true in your romantic relationship or any other area of your life.

4 Brag on Him to Others

Bragging on your man has multiple benefits. It makes you feel more positive about your relationship which is always a good thing. It also has the benefit of making your man feel good about himself if he happens to be within hearing range. And it can encourage a culture of supporting each other’s relationships within your circle of girlfriends. That’s something you want in your life. When you’ve got a group of friends that’s rooting for your relationship then they can remind you of all the great things about your man whenever you may temporarily forget.

5 Manners Always Matter

Sometimes manners slip away after you’ve been together awhile. Don’t let this happen in your relationship! Manners always matter, even after decades together. Why shouldn’t you give and a get a please and thank you from each other? You should certainly treat each other as well as you treat strangers! This’s one of those little things that’s really a big thing.

6 Dream Big for Your Relationship

Never stop dreaming for your relationship. What do you want to do together? Maybe you want to take a cruise or tour your favorite European cities together 🗼. Maybe there’s a hobby you want to try as a couple. Dreaming together has a way of creating positive vibes that’re especially long lasting.

7 Believe the Best of Each Other

This’s an important point in relationships. Make a decision to believe the best of each other. You’ll usually find out that the best is true when you believe and assume the best of each other. You’ll also save yourself a lot of heartache by following this philosophy. And the positive vibes from this decision are astronomical!


Instead of making grand gestures when your partner is feeling down, show your support in ways that aren't so obvious. This could be things such as cooking him his favourite dinner, stocking the fridge with delicious dessert, or even tidying his work space for him. It's these little ways of showing you care that go a long way.

9 Motivate Each Other

There's nothing worse than being an enabler in a relationship. If your partner is in a slump and doesn't want to go out anymore, it's important to encourage him to get dressed up and go for a meal or to the cinema. If there's something big that he wants to achieve - be his number 1 supporter.

10 Laugh at One Another

Life is way more fun when you can laugh at the little things. Of course, there is a time and a place to be serious - but if he accidentally has whipped cream on his top lip, poke a little fun and have a laugh!

These are 10 ways you can create more positive vibes in your relationship. Which of these are you going to try? How do you keep your relationship positive?

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