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Does it seem as if you’re partner is detached lately?

Maybe you feel some distance in your relationship or sense a bit of tension between you.

If that’s the situation you’re in, there are ways to deal and get your relationship back on track.

These are 7 strategies to help you reconnect with a detached partner.

1. Ask What’s up

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You can’t neglect the most obvious solution.2

Ask your partner what’s up with them.

Are they dealing with a lot of stress at school, work or in their friendships?

They may or may not be ready to talk, but at least you’ve let them know you care.

Leaving the door open for communication is important in a relationship.

2. Let Them Know They’re in Your Heart

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Sometimes reconnecting is as simple as letting your partner know they’re in your heart.

The little things are what really count here.

Try surprising your partner with tickets to a movie you know they want to see or their favorite candy.

Call and check on them if you know they’re not feeling well.2

Small gestures can mean a lot.

3. Recreate Your First Date

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Remember the excitement and romance of your first date?

You can experience it again.

Give recreating your first date your best effort.

You may not be able to do it exactly the same way but capturing the spirit of it is what matters.

All those first date feelings will come flooding back and you’ll enjoy the good vibes for weeks to come!

4. Unplug Sometimes

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Technology is great, but sometimes it can get in the way of giving each other the attention you deserve.

Your relationship needs uninterrupted times.2

Make it a point to unplug from the world to give the one that means the most to you what they need.

It may be one day a week or certain times each day when you choose to turn your phones and other electronics off.

Do what’s right for your relationship;

it’ll be unique for each couple.

Give Your Partner Encouragement when They’re down
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