7 Ways to Cut the Boy from Your Life ...


7 Ways to Cut the Boy from Your Life ...
7 Ways to Cut the Boy from Your Life ...

Snip, Snip – he’s gone! Well, I know it isn’t that easy to cut the boy from your life. I know there’s a big routine (not really) that you have to go by. For some, a simple “goodbye” is all that is needed – I guess it all depends on the girl. Now these may sound mean, but they work!

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Send an Email

You could always just send an email. In the old days, this sounds like something I would do. If breaking up with the boy over email is better, then do it. Some say it is better than doing it in person, because then, they have time to sit there and think things out. Text messages and instant messages will work just like email.


Same Sex

Tell them that all of a sudden, you have developed an attraction to the opposite sex. If you want to take it further, tell him that he is the cause of it. That after him, guys no longer look great. Of course, we know that it’s all a lie and that you are really getting rid of him.


Suggest Dinner

Suggest that the two of you go out to eat. When the food has been ordered, excuse yourself to go to the ladies room. Write a note and find your waiter in the back. Give him/her the note and tell them to give it to the guy you were sitting with after you leave.


Prank Call

Get a friend to call your boyfriend – don’t do it from your phone or someone he knows. Do it from a pay phone, if you have to. Get her to flirt with him on the phone, see how far he will go on the phone. Then, see if he will schedule to meet her somewhere. When he goes to meet her, make sure it’s you standing there with some friends.


Tell Them You’re Not Ready to Date

This one is a cliche but it works. Tell him you guys need to have a talk and when you sit him down, tell him that you're just not ready to date. If that isn't enough and he wants more of an explanation, tell him that you just need time for yourself or that you want to concentrate on your career for now. Always works!

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Be Annoying

Call him at all hours of the day and night. Be as annoying as you possibly could. Surely, he will get tired of you and your job will be done. Just make sure you do not get stuck being your annoying self.


Snip, Snip

Just tell him it is over – it is as simple as that and it’s the more mature way. If he does not understand, then that is too bad. You do not have time to sit there and explain every little detail to him. Point blank, it’s over.

Those are 7 ways to cut the boy from your life. I have written various blogs on this topic. My favourite and the one method I would recommend will always be to just come out and tell them. There should be no hinting around the bush, because this could end up sending mixed messages and the guy may not think you are trying to break up with him. Remember, you should never jerk people’s feelings around. I know it’s harsh typing this blog right after Valentine’s Day. So, how do you plan on breaking up with your boyfriend?

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