7 Absolutely Weird Reasons to Break up with Your Partner ...


7 Absolutely Weird Reasons to Break up with Your Partner ...
7 Absolutely Weird Reasons to Break up with Your Partner ...

Breaking up is a tough issue, especially when it comes to some weird reasons to break up with your partner that can be confusing, yet still legitimate reasons on their own. Breakups happen- plain and simple. Sometimes, we’re just not hitting it off with someone, or the relationship seems to be stagnant. People also change and seem to split off in two separate directions, leading to a breakup. These are all common reasons for breakups, but what about the not so common ones? Check out some of these weird reasons to break up with someone. They may not make a lot of sense, but are actually more common than you think.

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You Hate the Way They Eat

If this sounds strange, it is actually one of the most common weird reasons to break up with someone of all. Sometimes, if someone eats differently than us, or they just gross us out, it can make us unattracted to them. Or, if you’re vegan and or your partner refuses to stop prompting you to eat meat, or makes you uncomfortable downing cheeseburgers all the time, that could be another possibility. Or, maybe they’re messy and have food stuck in their teeth after a meal all the time, or have stuff stuck in their beard after eating. If they’re just generally messy, it can be a turn off, whether we want it to or not.


They’re Too Prissy

I hate to say this, but this is a common issue I’ve even been guilty of breaking up with someone for. Some guys are prissier than girls and it can become so annoying that you end up breaking up with them. I dated a guy one time who seriously spent an hour on his hair. It was amusing at first, and then it got old. He checked himself out in the mirror more than I did, and it actually made me more insecure because I wondered if he was scrutinizing me the same way.


Their Family is Weird

This might sound shallow, but when you’re considering a life partner, like it or not, their family is part of the whole package. While you might not be living with their family, you’ll still have to put up with them. If you can’t deal with their high drama, weird lifestyle, or their presence just generally isn’t something you feel comfortable around, this is one reason that you might consider breaking up with them.


You Hate the Way They Dress

Another shallow, but common reason that many women break up with their partner, is the way their man dresses happens to turn them off. Anything can be a turn off, depending on your preference, whether we want it to or not. Breaking up with someone for how they dress might sound weird, but is a common reason for not being attracted to someone.


They’re Messy

Are you OCD like me about things being clean? I’ve seen guys' apartments that literally made me cringe. Dirty bathrooms that look like they’ve never been cleaned, food stuck all over dishes in the kitchen, piles of garbage everywhere, or just a general odor are all messy things I can’t deal with. I’m not one to require they live perfectly clean, as no one should have to if they don’t want to, but I do believe in at least not living like a pig! Someone being messy is a totally legit, although weird reason to break up with someone and happens more than you think.

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They’re Too Skinny

I’ve actually been the victim of this. Many guys actually found me unattractive when I was at an unhealthy weight, and let’s be honest- so did I. If someone is too skinny, it can be a turn off. The same goes for women with men. We all like a guy that we can hug onto, and your guy wants the same from you. Weird or not, it’s a common reason for someone not being attracted to their partner, leading to a breakup.While looks shouldn't matter over personality, they still affect us to a degree, like it or not.


Your Entertainment Interests

This is so shallow, yet ranks as one common reason men break up with women- they hate our taste of entertainment. Some men just can’t deal with women who like girly movies, like to do feminine things, or don’t keep up with all the latest video games, sports shows, or new action movies out. Oh, and they may also hate your taste in music. By the same token, you could feel the same about your guy. Sometimes differences, no matter how small, just create a bridge between us and someone that can make us not want to date them.

Attraction is key to being in a relationship with someone. Sometimes, we don’t even understand why we aren’t attracted to someone. No matter how what kind of weird reasons to breakup with your partner you might have, don’t feel bad, but just be sure you’re honest about it! Life’s too short to be with someone that doesn’t make you happy. Have you ever broken up with someone for a weird reason, or had someone break up with you for a weird reason?

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I broke up with a guy who is too much of a mama's boy

The worst kind are guys who don't give shit about anything

I don't think being messy is a 'weird' reason to break up with someone. My brothers girlfriend doesn't even clean up her cats puke off floor. She put the litter box in the kitchen & pieces of poop were left on her KITCHEN floor for weeks. Totally disgusting & unattractive.


I don't think these reasons are weird at all. I believe they're legitimate reasons that mask a more severe underlying issue.


I broke up with someone before as I didn't like his phone voice!! How shallow...

My ex hated the shows i watch because they have attractive guys and every time i said i had to get off the phone i couldnt miss pretty little liars or teen wolf he'd complain so much it got annoying

I broke up with my boyfriend because he is too much of a happy go lucky guy who doesnt have plans and dont know what to do in his life.

This is all really superficial. Should I dump a guy that really likes me just because he is a little different for someone who is supposedly perfect in your standards but a jerk?

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